[Review] FxxK It – Big Bang

Big Bang has made their long awaited comeback with their latest album, M.A.D.E. The album consists of all the song released in 2015, such as Loser and Bae Bae (just to name a few), along with 3 new tracks. This is their final release as a 5-member group as T.O.P will be enlisting in the near future. This is the review for just FxxK It. A review for Last Dance was released earlier, which you can access by clicking here.

Compared to Last Dance, I don’t fancy this song as much. However, I still like it. There were a few things that did leave me a little bored with this song. The song fits the party setting quite nicely and has certain parts have a nice kick to it, giving the song a pumping feel. While the rest of the world continues to praise G-Dragon’s rap, I think of the opposite. I don’t have a problem with his rapping. It is just his part feel a little empty. I am a guy who enjoys listening to vocals more than rapping. But we all know how epic GD’s rapping can be (you would have to be in denial if that is the case). So I was a little disappointed. T.O.P’s fitted perfectly with the song.  However, Taeyang’s and Daesung’s part built up quite nicely to the chorus (and in my opinion, did the song a huge favour). The chorus was quite simple but still catchy, like all Big Bang’s choruses. Singing along to it every time it plays. Seungri was left with the bridge and he did an amazing job. My other disappointment with the song (as a whole) felt a little repetitive. It was more prominent here than other songs because I felt it most at my two favourite parts (Daesung and Taeyang’s). But besides all of that it is still a solid party song when you just want to go and have a good time.

Many people are comparing the music video to We Like 2 Party and I do agree with this. Just everything looks more planned out and staged. This music video gives a nice contrast to Last Dance and shows the more typical side to Big Bang that we are used to. Which is the crazy and fun side, like they made a disco into a club within seconds. Just moments before, they were peddling down a market on a 5 seater bike, with a bunch of shop keepers (mainly old folks) standing around awkwardly. Besides that, there really isn’t much to say. I am not disappointed with the video in any way. Everything matched the song and lyrics of the song.

Rating – 7.5/10

[Review] Last Dance – Big Bang

Big Bang has made their long awaited comeback with their latest album, M.A.D.E. The album consists of all the song released in 2015, such as Loser and Bae Bae (just to name a few), along with 3 new tracks. This is their final release as a 5-member group as T.O.P will be enlisting in the near future. This is the review for just Last Dance. A review for FxxK It will be released very soon.

Despite being released in December, this song leaves a long last impression on you. First time listening to the song, I was blown away. And now it is a song that I am wanting to listen to every time I plug my headphones in. Big Bang has a few excellent ballads up their sleeve, but there is something a little extra with this one that makes it one of their best. I think it might be the circumstance (impending military enlistments) that the band finds themselves in, which gives the song a more emotional and powerful feel. The vocals in this song are superb. Every member takes part in the song vocally, ending with a small yet deep sounding rap sequence by T.O.P. I personally think this would have to be one of their best songs (vocally) ever. The song has a very nice, soft piano instrumental as well. It added to that emotional side that I mentioned earlier and also gave the song a nice swaying effect, which I love. To me, there are no flaws in the song. Nothing is missing, overdone or underwhelming. Everything feels just right with this track.

The music video is visually stunning. Per usual, YG Entertainment did their thing when it comes to music videos. The video fits the song perfectly. You will be surprised how smashing everything and giving the sets a post-apocalyptic feel goes hand in hand with most ballads from a YG point of view (Check out Love Song by Big Bang for reference). I love the cinematography in this video. Everything is shot on an angle and I think it gives a nice effect to the video. G-Dragon’s reunion with his girlfriend for that one last dance at the ending during T.O.P’s rap sequence is quite haunting. But still really something that adds to the video. Someone should just change Taeyang’s hair for crying out loud. I am not a big fan of dreadlocks (refer to any review with someone who has dreadlocks).

Rating – 10/10

Zutter – GD&TOP (Big Bang)

Another Big Bang review. This time. the song was not released by Big Bang, but it served as the comeback for the popular duo GD & TOP. For those who don’t know, GD & T.O.P formed their subunit in 2011 and made their subunit debut back in the distant 2010. That was five years ago. Like, we age pretty quickly.  Out of all the subunits to date in the whole of KPOP, I don’t think any subunit had surpassed the popularity of this subunit to date. They debuted with Oh Yeah, High High and Knock Out. Since then, we never saw the subunit again as they focused on regrouping Big Bang and a lot of solo work.

I was never a fan of the whole GD&TOP album and the songs on there weren’t that great in my opinion. I feel like I’ve seen better days with the duo than that album. So when I heard that they would be returning, I just groaned. But after so long, I thought they would branch off to a new genre (as their new album has been hinting at). But I was very surprised. This song, at least to me, mirrors their song, Knock Out. This song is much more subtle though. It does, however, have a more edgier sound and a more chilled vibe. I think this song can definitely come and go with trends.  The song is a lot catchier than Let’s Not Fall In Love, but then again it is really stupid to compare this song with a ballad. This song has it perks. Sounds a like a title track (see yesterday’s review) and it is a nice “pick me up” from the groups ballads and slow songs. I would listen to it continuously, no. I am already bored of it.

Lemme take a 3 minute toilet break. Hahahaha… Well… 3 minutes toilet break and they were probably still going. And it seems like they have been holding it in for quite sometime.  And it nice to see them close. Like very close. Like “let me check your dick” close. And also “let’s pee all over the toilets” close. Hahahaha… To me, it either looks like a remake of the Hangover series (without the waking up part and the hangover part as well)  or a terrible Chinese Mafia oriented story. Yeah, once again they show their wild side in this music video. It seems like G-Dragon is addicted to gambling in this video and T.O.P is some sick killer. But nevertheless, the ending shows how the two, from different worlds, can have fun and a nice dance off. Hehehe… T.O.P’s “I must try” dance vs. G-Dragon’s “zoned out dance”.

It is nice that they incorporated some of their amazing (this is a T.O.P reference) dancing skills in the performances. Yeah, there really is not much of a dance beside the fact that they can become crazy just about everywhere.

Nice song, out of this world video and Bingu TOP is always there to embarrass his colleagues. 8.5/10

Let’s Not Fall In Love – Big Bang

Once again, Big Bang has made their comeback, for the 4th time this year. Talk about that Big Bang drought we had, I think that has cleared up totally. Yes, their MADE album is about to end. Now, the full album and the final songs are meant to be released in September (next month), but since the comebacks have been quite tiring on the members, YG has decided to delay (hmmm… why is delay and YG always in the same sentence?) the full album release, to let the members rest and to make way for iKON’s long awaited debut. But these are the song released for August. Which I am reviewing at the end of August because I am that slow (and busy). Lots to catch up on.

Big Bang have been experimenting with different sounds for these few comebacks. They continue to return with unique sounds. This time, they went for a much happier sounding (?) ballad, something that we don’t actually hear much of the band. It is probably one of their slowest songs ever. I think the vocal mix in this song is pretty nice. We have all the members singing and of course rapping from G-Dragon and T.O.P. It is a nice sounding song, which I would love to hear on a summer night when it is raining. There is something so dreamy about T.O.P’s singing voice for rainy days… It just lacks that appeal that Big Bang songs usually have. To be honest, this is just a B-sided track. It is good, but it really is not good enough to be the title track. There really isn’t a hook or anything to grab our attention. But still, nice song.

If there is another thing I like this for, I guess how the lyrics mis-match with the sound of the song and the music video. The lyrics have that sadness factor, but the sound and the music video do contradict that. Not in a bad way. But in a way that could be described as artistic. While the members sing about “not falling in love yet” and “just be my friend” or “remain friends or else I can hurt you”, we see the members play around with the girls. They have fun and no hint of sadness. No tears, no arguments. I have a feeling that Big Bang always know how to have a good time. Their company always bring along these foreign girls into their music video. Not only that, but the girls change each time, so I would expect there to be some sort of awkwardness. But the guys and girls seem to have a great time and their chemistry together seems pretty nice.

Nice song and music video. Pity that they haven’t really promoted this song at all, compared to Zutter. 8.5/10. Zutter review will come tomorrow.

[DOUBLE REVIEW] If You + Sober – Big Bang

Once again, it has been a month since their last release. And now they are back at it with a more toned down comeback. But I am not going to use “comeback” anymore to describe Big Bang’s album’s promotion. Let’s call this a promotional run. They are going head to head with many big name groups this Summer with Super Junior, SNSD making their comeback in the coming weeks. Not only that, but other upcoming big name groups are making or have made their comeback: Sistar, AOA, Teen Top, Girl’s Day, A-Pink, Infinite etc. So essentially, this summer is going to be one very chaotic battlefield.

If You is a really nice song. Not one that is expected by many fans, however. When the song starts we hear T.O.P and G-Dragon sing. Normally, they raps. However his voice adds a really nice deep element to the song. As the other member move in to sing, we get a very peaceful ballad. I have to be honest though. I did say Taeyang did not have a suitable voice to be someone to take most of the lines, but in this song, his voice was delivered in a way that has me doubting myself. Even though it was a pretty long song and slowed down compared to the other Big Bang songs we have gotten, this song seemed to go quite fast for me. I have no complaints with this song.

Sober is a completely different song. It is toned down compared to their last releases, but it really isn’t a song that I again would associate with Big Bang. It’s more upbeat and I think I enjoyed it more than their other songs. It is quite addictive and catchy to my ears. It fits in quite well to their previous releases and it also has this strong Summer feel to it. Not as impressed with the vocals of this song though. I can see how some people are saying this song is quite similar to another song out there. Don’t remember the title of the other song though. And I get it. It does sound similar to me, just the style of Sober and the sound of Sober is a pretty much recurring sound in many music industries.

There is no music video for If You, which is quite disappointing. But then again, the company and band are filming quite a bit. Sober did get a music video which leans towards the crazy side. In other words, no where near what Sober’s definition is like. I personally like this video. It is quite wacky but it doesn’t overdo it like Bae Bae did. I did notice a few things. Why are there beds outside? What happens when it rains? T.O.P is not being T.O.P no more in any of the videos. Daesung looks pretty cool on the drums. Taeyang has been shirtless in 100% of the music videos that were released in 2015. I would like to now how they filmed the scenes where the members are in those spinning rooms. Not exactly sure if it spinning but it looks quite cool.

Not exactly sure if there are any dance to Sober. I can guarantee there be no dance for If You. But then again, I guess a lot of things and still manage to get things wrong.

If You – 9/10

Sober – 8/10

So what did you like more? Sober or If You?

[Double Review] Bang Bang Bang + We Like To Party – Big Bang

Big Bang is trying to kill all fans out there with their continuous comebacks for the next 3 months (5 comebacks in total). Each song they release is being promoted and I am thankful I am getting this review out now, with just days until the next two releases. Wow. After Loser and Bae Bae, Big Bang returned with songs that they believed was more their style and more like their last comeback, Fantastic Baby. And I think they are right. But that is to be discussed below. Let’s just brace ourselves for the next few months.

First song was Bang Bang Bang. I find this an awesome song, but like everyone I know and see commenting, the chorus for the song was just an ear sore. Yeah, but only the chorus. I love the club and dance instrumental song the sound goes for and I feel like the lines are more evenly spread this time around. Beside the chorus (even though it has grown on me), the rest of the song was just amazing. The vocal work and rapping for this song was amazing. I feel like this is a more modern version of Fantastic Baby, with an upgraded instrumental. The ending was superb as well. Just I want to change the chorus so badly.

As for We Like To Party, guess who just found their new favourite song. I am currently digging this song so much. It just is done so well. Did not expect for Big Bang to put out a party anthem like song, but it worked really well. The vocals and rapping per usual with the band was amazing and I was not at once disappointed with the song. I honestly feel like this should have been the more promoted song than Bang Bang Bang. And to those One Direction fans who are accusing Big Bang for copying their band’s song, these songs have been out for a long while.

The music videos were pretty amazing. I feel like both music videos, while different concepts were happening in both, were still pretty solid efforts, considering they were promoting their previous songs and had to film these as well. They did not look tired at all. I love the seriousness of the Bang Bang Bang video and the contrast between the red and black. We Like To Party was a more fun filled music video and I thought it fitted the song pretty well. They were apparently a little tipsy during the music video filming for some scenes, but I feel like it paid off very well. We see them go on a road trip and have lots of fun, which is what the song suggests. I am just glad they did not go off topic for any of the music videos.

I believe Bang Bang Bang had an actual dance to it. Beside the ending, I thought the rest of the dance was pretty boring to watch. We Like To Party had a dance as well, it seems kind of lazy, but managed to fit in with the song. But only the chorus got the dance for it… so…. And poor Seungri, everytime he tried to sing in We Like To Party, he was sabotaged by the other members.

If I was to choose out of the two, I would pick We Like To Party. Bang Bang Bang was great but the chorus… Sorry for rambling on about it. But a review is a review.

Bang Bang Bang – 8/10

We Like To Party – 10/10

What Big Bang song did you like this month? Pick out the two and the results will be up on the Rewind: June 2015 post (coming soon).

Doom Dada – T.O.P (Big Bang)

Source: http://www.soompi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/TOP21-800×450.png

Now it is T.O.P’s turn. T.O.P has finally returned with a brand new single after absence of like 3 years. It has been sometime since we last heard a song from the man and now we finally get our chance. Being extremely busy with movie roles that he has to pay, T.O.P has literally spiced the stage up with something weird. I am not complaining because I freaking love this song. Let’s just say, it is a tribute to song to his hardcore rapping and extreme creativity. The only live performance was at the MAMA’s last night, and really, he does not really dance that much. So I will be skipping that part all together in the review. But I will put the video of his performance and the Big Bang crew into the playlist for you all.

The song has that exotic feel to it. No one is this world will be able to argue with that. At first, I thought this song would not make it at all, because of the exotic feel. However, the second time listening to it, I figured it is not the instrumental of the song or T.O.P’s rapping style, but rather you have to listen to the whole song together as one to be able to grasp a full understanding of the song. And that understanding is: WEIRD! Like every aspect of this comeback is “not normal”. This song talks about the evolution of the human body. Well, more like the evolution of T.O.P and how he became “hot” and “sexy”. Hell, this song is so catchy and sounds so amazing. Like the “doom da da didi da” was hella catchy. You have got me officially singing this song all day long. The hardcore rapping is amazing. The only problem with the song is one main line: “Long Time No See”. Why? Because to me, the soloist is saying “Long time no shit”. T.O.P, is work that demanding for you? You have got no time to take a dump? Wow!

This music video is so quirky and different, it made me laugh so much. There is most probably a million ways someone can interpret this video. And here is my take on it right now. T.O.P, in ape form, discovers a microphone with his gang. Gang of apes. What? Fast forward a bit and you get T.O.P in his full glory. Then we get T.O.P and the little kid with the massive head. Seriously, I love that little kid. He is basically made the video turn from a boring video into such a funny video. That or T.O.P’s ridiculously motorbike riding style. I am sorry, but if I found out that T.O.P was my chauffeur, I probably take a taxi to my hotel in Korea. I have to say this video was hilarious and a video that I would probably go to when I feel down.

9/10. Excellent and funny. This also takes me to the end of the Big Bang reviews. Now I just need to wait for their single that should be released later this year. You have one month YG, one month.