This is a blog created to review all (okay, most)  Kpop videos back in October 2011. Since then, I have been busy typing away writing all these reviews. We hit over 1000 reviews in 2017. Throughout the years, I have released End Of Year Charts, a “fake” award system for the best songs throughout the year and monthly “rewinds” to reflect on past months. In mid-2016, I restarted the Weekly KPOP Charts and have successfully continued putting out these weekly charts for nearly 1 year. In 2017, I started to write selected album reviews and committed to growing the site by posting more regularly. I have also accepted a personal goal of getting reviews out within a week of the release date.

I review KPOP releases in terms of the song, the video and the performance. This means I look at each aspect of a “comeback” (the three components in each review, mentioned above) and essentially explain why or why not I like something (to the best of my ability). All reviews are my personal views on the songs, video and performance. In no way do I force my opinions or views onto the readers. I will always maintain the following: that you are entitled to your own opinions and that I am entitled to my own opinions.

Many different reviews that I personally read elsewhere are technical and more “professional” sounding. My reviews are more towards the informal side and I try to not sound as technical or complex. It is much easier to write that way and I think it is easier to understand when you guys read it.

I do some requests for readers sometimes, however, I cannot guarantee every request will be fulfilled. If there are any constructive feedback that you would like to give, feel free to comment on any post or page and I will respond to all feedback. This may include: fixing incorrect information regarding the video or clarifying the concept or idea behind the video.

All rights of the videos linked or songs reviewed go to the singer’s respective company. I will always try to upload an official version of the video (where possible).  All rights to all the pictures on the website go to the respective uploader and/or company.

I do hope you have enjoyed the reviews and other content. If you have any feedback or any ideas to how I can improve the site, please comment below. I love to hear what you think and what your ideas are. After all, we are part of a KPOP community!!