Weekly KPOP Charts

Welcome to the page where you can find all of 2020 Weekly KPOP Charts. I have created this page to make it easier for you to look back at my charts, as sometimes they might get lost amongst the many reviews and other posts that are released.

This chart is very simple. No genius is required. Every time I listen to the song that is on the chart, it will get a vote. At the moment, I have not integrated anything else into the chart, but maybe in the future, I will consider putting in fan votes and more! It isn’t possible for me to add every song released within the week onto the charts. There will be songs that will be overlooked due to the excessive number of releases. It is just too hard to keep up. Note that sometimes, late entries may occur (check the rule below).

There are some other rules that we need to set in place, though:

  • Songs can only remain on the chart for a total of 9 weeks (this allows for newer songs to enter the chart)
  • Songs can be removed from the charts as per my judgement. This will only apply to songs that have not garnered any or little votes in the few weeks it is on the charts. I will not remove songs due to bias (i.e. ‘I don’t like the artist’ or ‘I think this song has annoying as hell and does not deserve to be the charts’)
  • The published charts only consider the top 30, however, since there are more than 30 songs eligible to be on the charts, some songs can rank lower than 30. It will actually be possible for a song one week a song can rank 3rd and then the next it may not even be on the chart (it has happened). Don’t worry, I have not removed the song from the chart. It can re-enter the top 30 the following week.
  • Songs removed from the chart will be noted below the chart, so you guys know what happened to it.
  • Late Entries – they will have a ‘new’ label on them. However, they will only remain on the charts for the remainder of their possible 9 weeks FROM the associated release date.

The chart will appear as a post (so you won’t actually find the actual chart here). However, I will include links here to the charts if it makes it easier.

Also, some things that will help you denote the chart:
Green (▲)  – Song has gone up in ranking
Red (▼) – Song has gone down in ranking
Blue (=) – Song has remained in the same position as the previous week
Orange  (new) – Song debuts on the chart

1st Week of January 2020
2nd Week of January 2020
3rd Week of January 2020
4th Week of January 2020
5th Week of January 2020
1st Week of July 2020
2nd Week of July 2020
3rd Week of July 2020
4th Week of July 2020
5th Week of July 2020
1st Week of February 2020
2nd Week of February 2020
3rd Week of February 2020
4th Week of February 2020
1st Week of August 2020
2nd Week of August 2020
3rd Week of August 2020
4th Week of August 2020
1st Week of March 2020
2nd Week of March 2020
3rd Week of March 2020
4th Week of March 2020
1st Week of September 2020
2nd Week of September 2020
3rd Week of September 2020
4th Week of September 2020
5th Week of September 2020
1st Week of April 2020
2nd Week of April 2020
3rd Week of April 2020
4th Week of April 2020
5th Week of April 2020
1st Week of October 2020
2nd Week of October 2020
3rd Week of October 2020
4th Week of October 2020
1st Week of May 2020
2nd Week of May 2020
3rd Week of May 2020
4th Week of May 2020
1st Week of November 2020
2nd Week of November 2020
3rd Week of November 2020
4th Week of November 2020
1st Week of June 2020
2nd Week of June 2020
3rd Week of June 2020
4th Week of June 2020
1st Week of December 2020
2nd Week of December 2020
3rd Week of December 2020
4th Week of December 2020
5th Week of December 2020