[International Song Reviews] TWICE, MONSTA X, Stray Kids & LOONA

It is another edition of the International Song Reviews segment. Last week, I posted an ISR consisting reviews for Ten, Jackson Wang, WAYV, Yuqi and 2PM. This week, I will be focusing on another set of releases brought to you by TWICE, MONSTA X, Stray Kids and LOONA. I am keeping this post to just four tracks today, rather than the usual five, so I can focus on some other things today. As this post have a lot to cover, let’s get started!

The Feels – TWICE

I listened to this full English song when the music video dropped at the start of this month. I didn’t think much of it then (and honestly I never returned to it until today). But I have to say, the ‘Boy, I know you got the feels‘ repeated one-liner hook is so damn catchy. It somehow gotten stuck in my head since that first listen, even though it was very much delayed. Anyhow, The Feels is a funky pop track, and listening back I am surprised I didn’t return to the track sooner. It is a very vibrant and colourful track, suitable for my personal taste and TWICE’s overall discography. I really enjoyed the energy that comes from it. The members sound fantastic, and I just love the elongation of the word ‘feels’ in that hook. My only gripe about the song is Chaeyoung’s lines in the pre-chorus. They just didn’t feel like a perfect fit. I liked the music video, but it isn’t that special. The theme seems to be prom-queens, but it seems to be more than that with the red carpet and stage sets. Regardless of what the theme is, The Feels music video is fun and pleasant to watch. For the dance, I thought it was great. Again, nothing special with it. But it works wonderfully with the music. (8/10)

One Day – MONSTA X

A month prior to the above song’s release, MONSTA X released another all English track titled One Day. Since then, the group has been confirmed for a Korean and Western comeback in the next two months, so do expect to see more of MONSTA X on the blog. Now, back to the song in question. One Day is an atmospheric yet simple synth-heavy ballad that I quite enjoyed. One Day really does a good job of presenting stillness and comes off as soothing and calming. The instrumental also comes off as dreamy. For the vocals (which appears to be the song’s sore point for some), I thought MONSTA X did a really nice job. I did think they could have pushed themselves more to be even more expressive, but their delicate tone and emotional touch fits the bill perfect for the song’s meaning and overall sound. The melodies were stunning, as well, adding to this. Both the song and music video features Shownu, who recently enlisted into the military. It was definitely nice to see him one more time. Unfortunately, Hyungwon was missing from the group shots for this music video for unknown reasons. For the music video, I liked the simplicity of the video as well. I also liked the mature visuals that the members gave off. They look good and somehow the mature vibes fitted in with the idea of the song being a ballad for me. (8.6/10)

Scars – Stray Kids

Knowing fully what Stray Kids is capable of, Scars is quite underwhelming for me. Coming off the high of their recent Korean comeback, I would have liked to hear something with the same level of impact and energy. But Scars didn’t deliver this. It doesn’t mean that Scars is a bad song, however. But it is definitely not their best. Scars was a pleasant EDM track – nothing more, nothing less. The members opted for a sentimental tones that sounds nice. But once again, nothing more, nothing less. Vocally, the sentimental tone came naturally and actually sounded quite good. Rapping wise, I thought it was plain. The EDM sound that Scars opted for attempted to add impact, but it more so fizzled out once that impact is delivered. Hence, everything came together to contribute towards an underwhelming and not-so-memorable track. For the music video, it seems like the members are running away (well, more so slowly walking) from ghostly apparitions. They seek shelter in a caravan and kick start a device that repels the ghosts during the night. Then, the story kind of repeats itself and doesn’t really resolve. I hope there is a second part to this, as I think it could potentially be an interesting story to dive into. The choreography for this comeback was quite good, fitting in with the sentimental and mature tones of the song. It doesn’t hit hard, but there was some intensity in the choreography that was quite satisfying to watch as well. (7/10)


I was quite nervous to hear that LOONA’s company is in the financial red, which puts a massive question mark over the group’s future. But seeing LOONA still pumping out music is a bit of a reassuring sign. Mid-September saw the group release their first original Japanese single, HULA HOOP. It is a dance pop track that is very chirpy and energetic. Actually, in comparison to their debut track which I would say is the equilavent of this track (Hi High, if you are wondering), HULA HOOP seems to let its go a bit. Nothing wrong there, if I am being honest, but I do miss the certain aesthetic that we associate with the group when it comes to their tracks. I liked their vocals and the hooks throughout HULA HOOP quite a bit. They are fun and definitely cutesy. This isn’t usually my cup of tea, but as I always say, there are exceptions. The music video is very unique, with everything moving in an upward direction. I will give them points for that. But I also feel that the video overwhelms us with all the post production applications. It made everything feel a bit much. In the midst of all the overwhelming graphics, you can see a lot of throwbacks to the group’s previous releases through the images, outfits and props (including some of their pre-debut works). No surprises come in the choreography. I enjoyed the fun and energetic side of the song, and the synchronisation between the members makes the performance cooler (as always). (8.2/10)

[Album Review] & (4th Mini Album) – LOONA

Next album I am looking to review is LOONA’s fourth mini-album, & (pronounced ‘and’), which was released at the end of June of the year. It features their title track, PTT (Paint The Town). This is the group’s first comeback since the release of 12:00 and Why Not. This comeback also marked the return of Haseul, who has been on hiatus for their last few comebacks. Like the recent album reviews I have been writing, I too also made a few remarks regarding the intro track but have not included it in the overall album rating, which will instead feature the other 6 tracks on the album. Anyhow, on with the album review!

& Album Cover

1. & – Kicking off the album is the howl of wolves and synths in this intro track. It is powerful intro track that features those traditional Indian elements also heard in PTT, teasing us with what is to come. But & is more than that. Dramatic and suspenseful synths precede and set a very strong tone.

2. PTT (Paint The Town) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for PTT (Paint The Town). (8/10)

3. WOWWOW is an upbeat jazzy number that comes off as an exciting addition to the album. There is also a bit of a familiarity with WOW, as the song sound similar to Wow Thing (a collaboration between Seulgi, SinB, Chungha and Kim Soyeon from 2018). Like Wow Thing, LOONA’s WOW is extremely lively and energetic thanks to the jazzy influences. It also adds a nice classy colour to the album, whilst also reminding some of their pre-debut work. The vocals shown off in WOW was impressive and had the right level of oomph for the song, which just makes this a satisfying track to listen to. Altogether, WOW was a great song. (9/10)

4. Be HonestBe Honest follows a similar upbeat and energetic nature as WOW. However, I didn’t find anything that grand within Be Honest, as I did with the preceding song. This song was a pleasant retro pop track and LOONA does pack a punch with their chirpy melodies and lines. The upbeat energy gives the song a nice kick and I will agree that it makes for a fun summer track. However, Be Honest just doesn’t come off as memorable for me. (7/10)

5. Dance On My OwnDance On My Own is this album’s English track, similar to how Star was LOONA’s English track. It is also the start of the album’s more toned down side, tapping into the R&B ballad general. It is a nice listen, with pleasant melodies. I liked the overall lightness of the song and the catchiness from the repeated ‘Dance On My Own’ hook. The issue with this song, in particular, is that it gets pretty repetitive, which may not be many people’s cup of tea. (8/10)

6. A Different NightA Different Night is another pleasant ballad. It is very light on the ears and is quite a blissful piece. Instrumental-wise, A Different Night isn’t anything different to your typical ballad. Classically instrumented. There isn’t anything wrong with this when it is done right, and I feel that A Different Night is an example of it being done right. Another great aspect of the song are the vocals. In A Different Night, harmonies are more prevalent and adds a soothing factor to the song. (9/10)

7. U R – Another R&B song to end the album. U R is a nice listen that continues the toned-down nature of the second half of the album. I like the breathy nature of the vocals and the lo-fi beats give U R a different profile from the rest of the toned-down tracks on the album. However, to me, it doesn’t have a memorable factor to it. I also find the song to be on the dry side. (6.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.9/10

& Teaser Image

[Review] PTT (Paint The Town) – LOONA

And I am back to finally review the rest of the week’s releases before I move onto focusing on album reviews this coming weekend. First up is LOONA’s latest comeback, PTT (Paint The Town), which officially dropped on Monday. This is the group’s first comeback since their quite addictive Why Not? comeback back in October 2020. PTT is featured on the group’s fourth mini-album [&] and also marks the return of Haseul, who has been absent from LOONA’s lineup since the release of So What due to mental health issues. Welcome back to Haseul and LOONA! In other related news, LOONA will be gearing up for their Japanese debut, with a Japanese version of PTT released alongside this comeback on Monday as well.

PTT is a bold release, incorporating Indian instrumentation with ‘aggressive dubstep and 808 bass sounds’. While we have heard of foreign influences in KPOP songs in the past, I don’t think any were really featured as prominently as PTT had. It definitely helped create a dynamic atmosphere that was quite alluring and catchy. The song opened with this (what I presume is an) Indian chant before we are introduced a full suite of traditional instrumentation. Some of this traditional instrumentation retained as we move along into the verse (i.e. the tabalas), which is also accented with pounding percussion that strengthened the energy and appeal of the song. As we move closer to the chorus, the hip-hop side profile of the song emerges through the melody, along with the electronic touches mentioned above and the occasional appearance of some traditional instrumentation detailing. This buildup to the chorus felt very clean and felt logical to bridge the verse and chorus. For the chorus, the aggressiveness of the dubstep dominates the first half of the chorus with the Indian touches taking more of a backseat allowing that aggressive nature to appear. It playing field switches in the second half of the chorus, with the Indian instrumental elements emerging from the darkness and the aggressive nature takes a more subtle approach. For the second verse, I liked the boldness of their rapping. The instrumental for this part works well with the rest of the song and doesn’t break the flow of the song, like in some other songs. For the bridge of the song, the slowdown was nice and allowed for Chuu’s high note to pull the song back up to the final chorus, which really hit the song home. Haseul’s vocals in the bridge was also a highlight. Elsewhere, the vocals in PTT were really good and continued to show that clear and crisp vocals that the group has been showing us in their releases. To me, the reason to why PTT is not a perfect song is the chorus. While I did like the instrumentation as I had mentioned above, I felt it was rather weak. The ‘Latatata‘ they went with was pretty dry, bland and didn’t add momentum to the song, as I would have expected a powerful chorus to. It did have some catchiness to it, but I don’t think it was nearly as much as it could have been. I also feel like it didn’t match the aggressive nature of the chorus, which resulted in the chorus feeling rather disappointing. Overall, I think PTT was a strong song from the group. But what should have been the song’s centrepiece was lacking.

While the aesthetic of the music video is reflective of what we have seen from LOONA since So What, it also brings visual elements of their predebut unit releases and their animal representations that formed part of their pre-debut package back into play. And this is all alongside what I am guessing is a new story. But while it is always great to get back in touch with your roots, the music video for PTT is quite overwhelming to watch. There was just so much going on. Maybe when I have some more time, I will try to figure out what this new story is and how it relates to their predebut works. Until then, I will only make comments on the visual display we saw. PTT has some really bold imagery and this imagery works extremely well with the music. The choreography shots, especially when it came to the more aggressive side of the choruses, really honed in that aggressive imagery with the dark and stormy atmosphere and angry colour choices. On the flipside, the verses feature more calming and innocent colours (i.e. white and yellow) to match with the song’s vibes during such parts. And the solo shots of each member we see shows off their beauty really well.

To reflect well with the music, the choreography is quite powerful and artistic at the same time. I don’t think this is their best work but it was still quite great to watch! I really liked the domino effect they had in the second half of the chorus (i.e. one line of members performed first, then the second performed the first set of moves when the first line of members were on their second move etc.), which made that section look really nice.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

[Album Review] 12:00 [Midnight] (3rd Mini Album) – LOONA

LOONA is nominated for Best Female Group, Best Music Video (for So What) and Best Female Group Performance (for So What). To support LOONA and your other favourite artists, click here to vote for them!

LOONA made their comeback back in October with Why Not and their third mini-album, 12:00 (read as Midnight). And per my terrible planning skills, I am finally getting around to writing an album review for 12:00 one a half months later. But as they all say – better late than never! Alongside Why Not, 12:00 also features seven new songs. One of these new songs is just an intro track, which I do not review. The final song on the album is titled Star and is the English version of Voice (which is featured on the album). As they are the same song (just in different languages), I will only be reviewing Voice (but I have also included a link to Star if you want to listen to it. So before I delay it further, here is my album review for 12:00.

12:00 Album Cover

2. Why Not? (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Why Not?. (9/10)

3. Voice (목소리)Voice has been selected as LOONA’s follow up promotion song, with the group currently promoting the song on Korean weekly music shows. The English version of the song, Star, also has a music video! Voice is a much lighter song that brings a bit of innocence to LOONA’s song. In comparison to the title track, Voice is a lot smoother and has a very simple melody that is super easy to get into. And because of these factors, Voice is super catchy. The instrumental is pretty synth-heavy and has this slight retro vibe to it that is extremely pleasant and likeable. Voice and Star are definitely highlights of this album. (10/10)

4. Fall Again (기억해) Fall Again is a super soothing ballad. It takes on a bit of a R&B beat for the most part. I really enjoyed the acoustic guitars that peeked through the instrumentation. It was nice change up to the otherwise straight forward R&B side of the song. I also really liked how the bridge was just the acoustic guitar as the main central piece, as well. The song also features really nice vocals from the members, allowing the soothing vibe of the ballad to be heightened even more. (8/10)

5. Universe – Everything in Universe was so smooth to listen to. This smoothness creates a strong alluring aura that is almost hypnotic for me. I just wanted to keep on listening to the song every time it appears on my playlist. What really makes Universe stand out for me is the way it built up. It started off as a soft song. But as it progressed, the song’s pop instrumentation kept on building up its energy and momentum. Yet they managed to keep the alluring aura consistent throughout the whole song. Once again, the vocals in this song are just so sweet and proves to me that every member of LOONA is capable as a vocalist. (10/10)

6. Hide & Seek (숨바꼭질) – The album returns to a bit of an edgy vibe with Hide & Seek. The bouncy way the song started felt like an extension of the title track’s chorus, just a lot brighter and colourful with its pop sound. I also liked how the chorus ended up becoming bouncy as well, which made the song so much more fun for me. I also really liked the synthesizer in the pre-chorus, which helped infuse some energy into the song. The bridge was also super appealing, with one half being a great segment to show off some strong choreography and the other half helping make the final chorus feel bolder. The only thing I was unsure about was the rapping in the second verse. I wished they didn’t go down the typical route for this element. (8.5/10)

7. OOPS! – The final song I am reviewing today is OOPS! It is definitely something different to everything we have heard above. This also includes the title track, which I felt was more melodic than OOPS! Instead, OOPS! goes for the group’s edgiest sound since So What. Personally, I felt the hip-hop styled song was disjointed at times. While I love texture in my songs, I felt like the overuse of textural elements in the instrumental actually became a flaw. I did like their delivery and the energy that came from the group members/song. I just wished it was a bit more refined and cohesive. (6/10)

8. Star (English Version of Voice) – See above for my thoughts on Star / Voice.

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

Why Not / 12:00 Teaser Image

[Review] Why Not? – LOONA

Joining the influx of comebacks this week is LOONA. The female group dropped Why Not? on Monday (sorry for the later review), along with their third mini-album, 12:00 (which is to be read as ‘midnight’). This new comeback continues LOONA’s newfound sense of edginess, following in the footsteps of their title track from earlier in the year, So What?. This is also the second comeback to not feature Haeseul, who is still sitting out for health concerns.

LOONA impresses once again with their title track. It isn’t as fantastic as their last one (more on this in just a second), but I found LOONA’s bright energy and catchy hooks to still be quite memorable. The funky and bass-heavy electro-pop that makes up the instrumental aligns the song to the current trends in the industry, but the way it comes together is quite refreshing. The song is more on heavy with the rapping, giving that edgy vibe that I mentioned earlier. The vocals in the song are quite nice and pretty strong. I particularly find the ‘Di Da Dum‘ repetition we get in the first half of the chorus to be the most memorable and addictive part of the song. I did kind of expect a little bit more in this regard, though I felt that this was partly due to what I am about to explain next. I feel that there is a strong contrast between Why Not? and So What? and it is this difference that really sets the two songs apart. (For those who may not remember, I really enjoyed So What? – giving it a 10/10 rating for its review). Why Not? lacks that punch that could have made the chorus a lot more powerful and impressive. What we good had a nice ring to it and I do find it quite catchy. But I felt that the hook could have been beefed up with some attitude and the music could have been a fraction punchier to bring it up to par with their preceding title track.

Once again, my mind is instantly trying to connect this music video to their previous music videos. As mentioned in my last LOONA review, I will be (hopefully) one day revisit my LOONAverse music video theory that I wrote up for LOONA two years ago, including So What? and Why Not? (and any new videos between now and then) in that revisit. Standalone, it is another decent looking girl-crush concept. It isn’t as powerful visually, as well. I also think the addition of the not-so-much ‘girl-crush’ scenes (i.e. the more innocent looking scenes) were a good move. I also liked the unit choreography scenes. Not that I experienced it before, but one could become overwhelmed with so many people in one scene. So that was a good choice.

I personally like the energy that comes from the performance. The group brings a nice vibrancy to the stage and this makes it a fun performance to watch. I also feel that the song requires a fair amount of confidence in order to pull-off, particularly the random ‘yeah‘ throughout the song and ‘woah woah woah woah‘ we get just before the choruses.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

[Album Review] # (2nd Mini Album) – LOONA

No reviews today. But I thought it might be a good opportunity to get the album review that I am holding onto out or else everything else will be pushed to a later date (which screws with another break I am planning to have). The artist in focus today is LOONA, who returned with # and their latest title track, So What. This is the group’s first comeback in a year since Butterfly. The group did release 365 as a single back in December and this is also included as part of the album. For those who didn’t read my So What review, (spoiler alert) it is epic! So let’s see how the rest of the album fair.

# Album Cover

2. So What (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for So What. (10/10)

3. Number 1 – The album is co-produced by Lee Soo Man, who some people may know as the SM Entertainment CEO. So, I was wondering if we would hear some influences of the big company on the album. Number 1 confirms this, with a song that is right up BoA’s alley. The entire time I was listening to the song, I could imagine BoA singing this R&B track, as well. And while this may sound like a good thing, some of you might not know that I am not really a big BoA fan (some of her tracks are good, others sound very plain). The plainness comes through in this track and this leaves me disappoint. I do find the vocals to be elegant and delicate in this song and there is a nice melody. But, not really enough appeal from the instrumental department, in my opinion. (6/10)

4. Oh (Yes I Am) – Another very typical instrumental. Oh (Yes I Am) attempts to exploit the trap genre of music that has been very dominant over the last few years. I think the chorus and pre-chorus are pretty good examples of fresh usage of the genre, given that the energy that does come from the song is very promising. Another way of thinking about the song is that it is pretty much a tamed and held back version of GWSN’s title track. This is also a really good set up for the rappers, who are given another opportunity on the album to shine. The genre’s usage in the verses, however, was very boring and I didn’t enjoy this part of the song as much. I thought the vocals were good, especially with the ‘Oh~’ that we get every now and then in the chorus. (8/10)

5. Ding Ding Dong – After Number 1 and Oh (Yes I Am), I was wondering when the album will start to infuse some energy into the album. And we get it through Ding Ding Dong, which is probably more of a cutesy and innocent sound. It does sound like the group is stepping back from their routes through this song. But I reassure, it is still a good song nonetheless. The instrumental contains a slight jazzy like touch, which is where the energy comes from. The rapping is very typical in this track for a LOONA track, but I guess that is because of the innocent side of the track. The vocal work is a strong point in this song, especially Chuu’s parts in the bridge, which I thought gave the song a really good peak. (7.5/10)

6. 365 (Pre-Release Track) – This pre-release track was released back in December 2019. It was a ballad, suited for the Winter season that we had just left. There is a warming feeling to the song, thanks to the piano and the vocal work of the song. There is also a few Christmas-related touches in the song. The chorus is probably the best part of the song, which is where I start to sway along to the music (those who have been reading my blog for a very long time would know what this means). It isn’t the strongest song on the album and I didn’t really think much of it when it was released. But writing the review now, I find it a nice track. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.9/10

# Teaser Image

[Review] So What – LOONA

Today’s major comeback is by LOONA. Finally, the group that took out the Best Female Group Choreography in the recent 2019 KPOPREVIEWED Awards with Butterfly has returned. This is the group’s first comeback since Butterfly, so it definitely has been a long wait. Hopefully, So What isn’t the group’s only comeback in 2020, as we don’t want to wait another whole year for a comeback! Unfortunately, this comeback does not feature Haseul, as she sits out due to health concerns.

The song is titled as So What and I think this is a great title for such an intense and attitude filled song. The song is probably best described as a hip-hop infused urban dance track. Usually, I would say that the song ‘throws at you’. But this time, I am going to say that the song kicks you (sorry with the violent analogies) with its intense moments. The chorus is just loaded and comes hurling in your direction with no warning. And I feel that way each time I have listened to the song today, despite knowing fully what is coming my way. Vocally, I have no complaints. There is a fair amount of rapping in the song due to the hip-hop direction, which makes total sense. The vocals were also quite strong, despite it being limited this time around. I did like the slow down in the bridge. It brought relief from the intensity and that they recovered all that lost energy pretty well in the final chorus (i.e. it didn’t ‘start’ a ‘drag down’ of the song). Overall, very impressed.

I only have a limited section in this review to discuss the music video. But my heading it whirling with theories at the moment as this video definitely connects with Hi High and all of their pre-debut singles. But that is another post. The teasers referenced the dark side of the moon, the side that we don’t know of the moon. In this video, we are shown the ‘dark side’ of LOONA or the side that we did not know existed. And it seems Olivia Hye, the final member to be revealed has some influence with their unveil. I remember quite fondly that red lighting was a thing in her music video, and at the end the members were shot with a red light over them. On top of that, a white feather is burning at the end. The feather is an important aspect of the video connecting Haseul (who is absent) and their animals to this video. In addition to the connection of their LOONAVERSE, the group managed to incorporate amazing cinematography, stunning closeup shots and a great depiction of the girl-crush concept.

Their knife-like precision is shown off again in this performance. I like the intense sections of the song feature powerful moves, while the slowed down bridge showcases a more elegant routine. The start, the pre-chorus section and the chorus all looked really cool. It was just so hard to choose a favourite section!

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

[Special] 2019 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – Song-Based Categories

It is that time of the year again where I announce the winners for the 2019 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. In December 2019, I allowed the audience (you all), once again, to vote for their favourite songs and artists for the December 2018 to November 2019 period. Thank you to all who voted and participated in the KPOPREVIEWED Awards this time around. Even more people voted this year, making this year more intense than ever in many categories. This post will focus on the song-based categories, which will also involve the Performance categories, Best Music Video, Best Concept and the most voted song (by you all). The winners for the artist categories will be posted in an accompanying post today, while the Top 100 songs of 2019 will be posted tomorrow.

Here is how things are going to work. Each category (aside from the non-fan voted categories, which are specified) will have a WINNER (the song/performance/video that ranked first), a Honourable Mention (the song/performance/video that ranked second) and a KPOPREVIEWED Choice (my personal choice if I voted, which I didn’t include this year). And let’s go!

Best Special Performance

This is not a fan voted category.

WINNER – Egostistic Cover (AOA) at Queendom

Best Concept

This is not a fan voted category.

WINNER – HIP (Mamamoo)

Best Solo Choreography

Nominees: Blue (Ha Sung Woon); Focus (Kim Dong Han); Gotta Go (Kim Chungha); LALALAY (Sunmi); L.O.V.E (Park Ji Hoon); Twit (Hwasa – Mamamoo); WANT (Taemin – SHINee); What Are You Up To? (Kang Daniel); What You Waiting For? (Anda & R.Tee); Ya (Lee Minhyuk – BTOB).

WINNER – WANT (Taemin)
Honourable Mention – Gotta Go (Kim Chungha)

Best Male (Group) Choreography

Nominees: All Night (ASTRO); Boom (NCT Dream); HIT (Seventeen); Hollywood (AB6IX); Humph! (Pentagon); Love Shot (EXO); RPM (SF9); Say My Name (ATEEZ); Side Effects (Stray Kids); You Calling My Name (GOT7).

WINNER – Love Shot (EXO)
Honourable Mention – HIT (Seventeen)
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Side Effects (Stray Kids)

Best Female (Group) Choreography

Nominees: Bon Bon Chocolat (EVERGLOW); Boogie Up (WJSN); Butterfly (LOONA); DALLA DALLA (ITZY); HIP (Mamamoo); Pinky Star (Run) (GWSN); Sunrise (GFriend); The Fifth Season (Oh My Girl); Violeta (IZ*ONE); Zimzalabim (Red Velvet).

WINNER – Butterfly (LOONA)
Honourable Mention – HIP (Mamamoo)
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Zimzalabim (Red Velvet)

Best Collaboration

Nominees: Blossom (Eunha & Ravi); Boy With Luv (BTS ft. Halsey); Don’t Need Your Love (NCT Dream & HRVY); I Wanna Be (Key ft. Kim Soyeon); Spring (Park Bom ft. Sandara Park)

WINNER – Boy With Luv (BTS ft. Halsey)
Honourable Mention – Don’t Need Your Love (NCT Dream & HRVY)
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Boy With Luv (BTS ft. Halsey)

Best Music Video

Nominees: Abandoned (Brown Eyed Girls); Above The Time (IU); Crown (TXT); Feel Special (TWICE); HIT (Seventeen); Love Drunk (Epik High ft. Crush); Noir (Sunmi); Snapping (Kim Chungha); You Calling My Name (GOT7); Zimzalabim (Red Velvet)

WINNER – Obsession (EXO)
Honourable Mention – Feel Special (TWICE)
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – HIT (Seventeen)

Best International Song By A Korean Artist

Nominees: Breakthrough (TWICE – Japanese); Flower (GFriend – Japanese); Lights (BTS – Japan); Moonwalk (WAYV – China); Someone’s Someone (Monsta X – US).

WINNER – Breakthrough (TWICE – Japan)
Honourable Mention – Moonwalk (WAYV – China)
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – Breakthrough (TWICE – Japan)

Best Official Soundtrack (OST)

This is not a fan voted category.

WINNER – We All Lie (Ha Jin- Sky Castle OST)

Most Viewed Review of 2019

This is not a fan voted category

WINNER – Goblin (Sulli)

Most Viewed Album Review of 2019

This is not a fan voted category.

WINNER – BXXX (Ha Sung Woon)

Songs With Most Win on Weekly KPOP Charts

This is not a fan voted category

WINNER – Time Of Our Life (DAY6)
WINNER – HIP (Mamamoo)

Best Non-Title Track

This is not a fan voted category

WINNER – Ten Nights (Mamamoo)

Best Album

Nominees: Love Poem (IU); Narcissus (SF9); Purpose (Taeyeon – SNSD); The Book Of Us: Gravity (DAY6); Want (Taemin – SHINee)

WINNER – Love Poem (IU)
Honourable Mention – The Book Of Us: Gravity (DAY6)
KPOPREVIEWED Choice – The Book Of Us: Gravity (DAY6)

Most Voted For Song of 2019

WINNER – Obsession (EXO)

And that brings us to the end of the Song-Based Categories for the 2019 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. If you haven’t seen the Artist-Based Categories yet, click here.

Tomorrow, we will get to see which artist ranked on the Top 100 of the 2019 KPOPREVIEWED Charts, where the song that ranks first becomes the ‘Best Song of 2019’. Remember this is decided based on the votes for Best Song of 2019 (50%) and the Weekly KPOP Charts that I post every Sunday (50%). Will EXO’s Obsession become the ‘Best Song of 2019’ officially? You can find out by clicking here (hyperlink will be updated once the post is published).

[Album Review] XX (1st Repackaged Album) – LOONA

LOONA returned last week with XX, which featured the title track Butterfly. It also features 4 other new tracks (which I will be reviewing today), on top of the tracks featured on their ++ release, which we first saw in August of last year. Their company has been teasing this comeback for some time. The first teaser was released in October and it featured the ending of the Hi High music video but in reverse. Interestingly, the order of ++ songs on XX is actually been reversed as well. While I think I may have cracked that code, there is still a lot more cryptic messages to work through. In the meantime, here is my review for XX.

XX Album Cover

2. Butterfly (Title Track) Click here to read the full review of Butterfly. (10/10)

3. SatelliteSatellite is a very interesting track. It combines several appealing techniques to really make the song feel quite bold (but in a subtle way). The song starts off with a bouncy instrumental and very clear vocals. The pre-chorus takes a slight turn with a short yet sweet build-up, layered on top of a rolling drum beat. The chorus is what got my attention. It starts off with very melodic and wave-like vocals, which later moves onto a faster beat which provides a nice rush of energy to the chorus. It isn’t a combination that doesn’t really seem fitting, but it works effortlessly in this track. The rap sequences that make up majority of the second verse was also another well-done section, adding some texture to the track. I particularly like the inclusion of Kim-Lip’s section which sound like an electronic powering down (sorry for my unimaginative descriptions of each section). The rest of the track continues the same standard. Personally, Satellite is a very strong track if you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing. I also think this is a wonderful addition to their portfolio thus far. (9/10)

4. CuriosityCuriosity throws a hip-hop feel to their aesthetic works that we got during their pre-debut period. It does create an interesting mix, to be honest. I just felt that there seemed to be a lot to focus on during the chorus and the instrumental, while it featured a deep sounding synth that sounds somewhat unique, was overpowering the vocals at times. But hey, that was my first impression. With more listens, the song is getting slightly better. But the one feeling that has remained from the start was how lacklustre the rap sequence felt. I wanted more. More definition and something to really kick the song up a notch. (7/10)

5. ColorsColors is undeniably their most colourful work on the entire album. I attribute that to the certain level of brightness that you could feel during the chorus. The instrumental had a lot going on as well, which I think also contributed to this feeling. Once again, the instrumental did feel somewhat overwhelming, especially for the vocals of this track, which opted for a soft approach once again. However, I did like the instrumentation for the track, particularly the rolling drum beat during the chorus. The song also features a very conflicting dance break. It just doesn’t go with the rest of the song but for some reason it draws attention to the song in a way that I cannot really understand. To me, it attracted some good attention rather than a negative response (in my case at least). (7.5/10)

6. Where You AtWhere You At is an R&B dance track that actually has a very addictive chorus. There isn’t much going on within the song, but it was still a very strong track overall. The ‘Where You At’ repetition within the chorus instantly gets me singing along. Come to the think of it, the entire track is quite pleasant, and I think the soft nature of the song is a major charm that they played right. The instrumental is on the more typical side of the spectrum, but I still thought it was nice. The vocals had this electronic filter applied to it, which also gave it a nice effect. It isn’t as extreme as autotune and worked well with the soft nature of the track. Interestingly, the track does not feature a rap. I personally think this was a good move as it would cut the softness of the track. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

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[Review] Butterfly – LOONA

After debuting with Hi High, LOONA has returned after 6 months with their repackaged version of ++. The mini-album, now titled as ××, features the title track Butterfly. While this is good news for the group and Orbit (the fan club name of LOONA fans), there has been some unfortunate news recently. In the lead up to the Butterfly release, Yves and Yeojin were injured during their concert in a stage accident. Yves has been confirmed to continue promoting, while news regarding Yeojin’s participation hasn’t been confirmed yet. Best wishes to Yeojin for a fast recovery!

Butterfly seems like it is in line with the aesthetics we got in their pre-debut works. It also features a mature sound and stands out for a variety of reasons. The first is the song’s instrumental. The song takes on EDM in a very unique manner. It combines different sounds together to create a very dynamically powerful instrumentation that really allows for the chorus to stand out. I also like how they used a very high pitched ‘Fly Like A Butterfly’ as part of the chorus. It does sound like screeching but you can make out the words and it really adds a depth of colour to the song. The second reason would have to be the vocals. It is that one line again that I think really makes the song stand out, this time slightly lower pitch for the members to be able to sing. The rapping also has to be commended as it isn’t a powerful approach but rather more delicate. But it works well with the rest of the song. I also found it rather interesting that the vocals/raps were minimalistic, as it is usually the instrumental. The third and final reason why the song stands out is the lyrics. They are all about finding oneself and usually, songs of this nature earn applause from me. Overall, Butterfly is uniquely different but so amazing.

The music video zones in the meaning of the song but puts it into focus alongside the LOONAverse (which I actually have previously theorised about). The music video features people from all around the world, who are trying to find themselves in a complicated world. We see a lot of imagery from the LOONAVERSE throughout the video including apples, cassette tape players and eye patches to name a few. Scenes from the music videos were also imitated, while the exact locations in Hong Kong, Paris, LA and Iceland were also revisited. To me, this is a way for LOONA to tell their fans that they are also able to enter the LOONAVERSE and be together with them, while also be able to show their individuality like in LOONA”s pre-debut singles.

Matched alongside the unique yet amazing sound of the song is the choreography, which looks equally as dynamic and intense as the song. I thought the lying down at the start was really cool and the moves during the chorus looked beautiful, especially for dance moves during a music drop.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.8/10

[Music Video Theory] LOONAVERSE (Part 4) – Hi High

Beware that this is a very long post!

Welcome back to the fourth and final post of the LOONA music video theory. Previously, I have discussed the events associated with LOONA Odd Eye Circle (first post), LOONA 1/3 (second post) and LOONA yyxy (third post). And now, we will be continuing with the final part of their theory thus far, Hi High. I wish to reiterate that while I believe this is extensive, there are many aspects that I am unsure about and they could have a large impact on the theory. These are just my thoughts and the storyline that makes sense in my head to connect all the videos.

For these music video theory posts, I will be discussing each member’s music video based on the order I see fit (i.e. not necessarily the order in which the releases occurred). My own comments/thoughts will be shown in italics, while all other information will be shown in normal font. (i.e. what we can see visually from the screenshots/videos) Hopefully, this is not too confusing.

There is no emphasis on the animals in this video. Hence why I am not including the table in the post for this round.

Hi High Theory

Their music video seems to be the final video in the LOONAverse story but whether if that is true remains to be seen. Hi High shows us the reunion of all 12 members of LOONA, along with some recurring themes.

The members start off looking at the sky in the real world. And in the sky, it is the moon.


All the members at this point have rejected Eden and need to meet up somewhere. The choice that LOONA makes is the moon. We see the moon starts off as a crescent, suggesting one member has already made their way up to. We are then shown ViVi running track and field once again in the same outfit as Love & Live, suggesting when she ran away, she ran towards the moon.

Note that the running action they perform throughout the video is like a run-up so that when they jump, they reach for the sky and slowly make their ascent up to the moon. This is clearly seen via Heejin’s jump at the end of the video. 


We slowly see the members get together. Kim Lip meets with Choerry and they start running.


Haseul and Yeojin, longtime friends, reunite in the grassy fields. They also start running.


Hyunjin and Heejin meet each other.


The OEC members previously meet with Olivia, who may be still be stuck in a part different world after being left alone by the rest of LOONA yyxy. They use their powers to transport Olivia to the same place, where she meets Yves and they share a smile with each other.


Go Won and Chuu are wandering around the forest and in the background, you can tell they will meet Yves and Olivia. The four of them come together and start running.


The final few members who we haven’t seen run yet, including Jinsoul, Hyunjin and Heejin, start running themselves. Everyone jumps and reaches for the moon, which I guess means they go to the moon – based on Heejin’s jump.


Thus, this completes the reunion of LOONA and the start of their careers.

Or is it? 2 months ago, their company uploaded a reverse teaser. The events of Hi High was reversed! What does this mean? Did something prevent LOONA from getting together? Did Olivia’s evil side come through once again? Or does Yves have something more sinister planned?

Who knows? Until the next LOONA release will occur – To Be Continued.

And that completes my LOONAVERSE music video theory segment. Do you have any comments or alternative theories? Comment below! I would love to hear about them.

LOONAverse (Part 1) – Odd Eye Circle
LOONAverse (Part 2) – LOONA 1/3
LOONAverse (Part 3) – LOONA yyxy

Also check out the other music video theory posts, which I have linked in the first part of the LOONAVERSE theory series.

This also draws the music video theory to an end. I may return to do some more (or update some others) once we get more about the storyline. They are time-consuming but a lot of fun to research and write up. If you have any music video you want me to write about and enjoyed my theories, comment your suggestions down below!

[Music Video Theory] LOONAVERSE (Part 3) – LOONA yyxy

Beware that this is a very long post!

Welcome back to the third post of the LOONA music video theory. Previously, I have discussed the events associated with LOONA Odd Eye Circle (first post) and LOONA 1/3 (second post). And now, we will be continuing with the final LOONA unit, LOONA yyxy. I wish to reiterate that while I believe this is extensive, there are many aspects that I am unsure about and they could have a large impact on the theory. These are just my thoughts and the storyline that makes sense in my head to connect all the videos.

For these music video theory posts, I will be discussing each member’s music video based on the order I see fit (i.e. not necessarily the order in which the releases occurred). My own comments/thoughts will be shown in italics, while all other information will be shown in normal font. (i.e. what we can see visually from the screenshots/videos) Hopefully, this is not too confusing.

To begin the post, I have produced a small table that tells us information about each member. This will be referred to during the theory but I thought it would be a nice background for us to have before we dive right into it.


LOONA yyxy Theory

new (Yves Solo)

Yves is probably the most important character in the LOONAverse. She shares the most connections with the other members and her character is the first to be seen rejecting Eden (the third world that makes up the LOONAVERSE).

The music video introduces the concept of the Forbidden Apple, which was eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (the original sin). And the way to reject Eden in this video is done in a similar fashion, you need to take a bite of the RED apple.


Yves takes a bite of the apple, resulting in her rejecting Eden. Eden has the ability to think for itself, presenting those who live in its world with the person’s desires to keep them there. Eden probably knows of Yves potential in influencing the rest of LOONA hence why she is locked up in buildings and she is observed most of the time on stairs (away from people). But Eden will always fulfils a person’s desire and Yves wanted out, so Eden mistakenly produced an apple for Yves.


We also see her influence on the other members. Partway into the video, we see Yves play the claw machine game, which is shown to have three coloured lights (the colours of the worlds in Choerry’s music video) and this claw machine basically represents the LOONAverse. However, only some of the members are present as she could only obtain a frog and penguin plushie (representing Yeojin and Chuu, respectively). When she grabs those toys, she grabs an apple instead, suggesting that she presented an apple to these two members.


We also see ViVi on a date with Yves. This is why I see the guy in ViVi’s video as Yves. And for the date, they go roller skating. Yves presents an apple to ViVi, who must have eaten it. And it is from this point forward, she becomes a robot. Though there isn’t an exact timeline to that.


We see a scene where she takes a swing at all the animals in the LOONAverse. This is clear that she will be tempting each member. But first, she needs to find the rest of them.


And that is where Choerry comes into play, who catches an apple that Yves had dropped from above. Remember back to what I said about Choerry in the Girl Front music video. Choerry is finding other LOONA members for Yves. She found Hyunjin (the cat) and she also found Kim Lip (the owl), indicated on her map. I think Choerry is finding the rest of LOONA and presenting the apple to each member (i.e. Choerry was sent by Yves to find the other members).


Heart Attack (Chuu Solo)

Based on Chuu’s video, you can tell she is very obsessed with Yves. In many ways, she looks up to Yves and wants to be like her. To the point where Chuu wears the same things as Yves, down to the same shoes.


Chuu knows Yves like apples and throughout the video Chuu attempts to give her a green apple. Yves, on the other hand, does not like green apples as they do not fulfil the rejection of Eden. Only red apples will work. Hence the emphasis on the red aspect of the apples in Yves section.


As the green apple does not work, Yves reject Chuu, who resents Yves for a short period. But since Eden gives the person what they desire the most, Chuu’s apple turns into red the moment she bites into it. This results in Chuu’s rejection of Eden. We then see a montage of Chuu and Yves partying and embracing each other.


At the end of the music video, we see Chuu passed out outside the house. Haseul walks past and comes to her aid, waking Chuu up. Chuu’s response is rather weird. She just gets up and leaves. In the background, you can see the penguin and swan together on the window sill. Hence it is my belief that Chuu faked her fainting spell to help locate Haseul or draw her out so Yves can present the apple to her.


One and Only (Go Won Solo)

Go Won spends most of her time running away from Yves and Chuu, who are working together. From the video, she doesn’t want to reject her version of Eden because her desire for power is too great, which lead to her being isolated and alone. She fears once she rejects Eden, she wouldn’t be able to control herself.


After a while, she sits down and eats a pineapple, which I think Yves planted as the ‘red apple’. We are then shown Yves and Chuu sitting at the end of the table and eating red apples.


Realizing what she had done, Go Won locks herself up and further isolates herself from everyone. But Yves walks in, crowning Go Won. She also hugs Go Won, which seems to tell her that she no longer needs to live alone and has friends.


Egotist (Olivia Hye Solo)

Olivia Hye is the only member to not really live in the Eden universe. Her desires aren’t fulfilled in her video, which is what made me believe that Olivia is part of a different world. She may be living in the OEC world.

Based on the video, Olivia Hye has two sides. She wakes up on a bed of white feathers and looks up to see someone looking down at her from above.


She slowly makes her way up there, to where the person was.

We then get confirmation that there are two sides of Olivia. The two sides are shown hugging each other on the mattress, showing that they are one person.


But it takes a turn, with scenes of an evil Olivia (red eyes) holding onto innocent Olivia, who is hanging off the edge of the balcony. Evil Olivia lets go and innocent Olivia falls to her death (red feathers). I think the Mobius strip still applies to this storyline, hence why I theorize that she could be living in the OEC world.  At the very start of the video, we see one hand let another go, similar to the way innocent Olivia was let go by her evil counterpart (i.e. it repeats).


And in order to break the loop, evil Olivia burns the mattress, along with innocent Olivia. Jinsoul makes an appearance in this video. My guess to Jinsoul’s presence is that Jinsoul told Olivia about the loop (there is a whispering scene) and how it could be broken.


Heejin also makes an appearance at the end of the video. Remember Heejin failed to get to Yeojin and so has moved onto Olivia Hye and the rest of LOONA yyxy. What Yves and Olvia has done to themselves and the people around them needs rehabilitation, which leads onto the next video.


love4eva (LOONA yyxy)

Based on the description of the video, Heejin brought Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye to fix their egos. Yves, Chuu and Go Won could be immature and have big egos due to their desires. Olivia Hye was brought in for obvious reasons, to rehabilitate her evil self.

The boarding school is extremely strict. But once a tempter, always a tempter. Yves break apart from the group to have fun outside. Chuu takes notices and quickly follows Yves temptation. Likewise, they tell Go Won and the trio have fun outside. Note how this is like what occurred in their solo music videos.


They, however, are not as inviting to Olivia Hye, often avoiding her and leaving her out of the conversation. My guess is that they sense that she evil.


Sometimes, Olivia follows the trio outside but cannot find them, leading to her evil side to come out – as seen by the way she stands outside in the forest.


She also eats her apples, more than the other member to fit in and experience what the trio are experiencing (especially the One music video and the dance break). But this fails.


In the end, Yves Chuu and Go Won managed to escape the school. Yves probably knows that the rejection of Eden has bigger implications down the line (i.e. their debut music video) hence why she left the school with her two friends.


Olivia remained behind and successfully completed her training. She is now free to roam the world and rejoin the LOONA members.


This completes my LOONA yyxy theory post. I will be posting the other theory posts very shortly, so stay tuned for that.

LOONAverse (Part 1) – Odd Eye Circle
LOONAverse (Part 2) – LOONA 1/3
LOONAverse (Part 4) – Hi High

The links will become available once the respective post is published.

If you have any thoughts you want to share or want to add some input into this theory, feel free to comment below!

[Music Video Theory] LOONAVERSE (Part 2) – LOONA 1/3

Beware that this is a very long post!

Welcome back to the second post of the LOONA music video theory. In the last post, I explained why I started off with the events of the LOONA Odd Eyed Circle (OEC) and the relevant members (Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry).  And now, we will be continuing with the rest of the LOONA member videos. I wish to reiterate that while I believe this is extensive, there are many aspects that I am unsure about and they could have a large impact on the theory. These are just my thoughts and the storyline that makes sense in my head to connect all the videos.

For these music video theory posts, I will be discussing each member’s music video based on the order I see fit (i.e. not necessarily the order in which the releases occurred). My own comments/thoughts will be shown in italics, while all other information will be shown in normal font. (i.e. what we can see visually from the screenshots/videos) Hopefully, this is not too confusing.

To begin the post, I have produced a small table that tells us information about each member. This will be referred to during the theory but I thought it would be a nice background for us to have before we dive right into it.


LOONA 1/3 Theory

Everyday I Love You (Vivi Solo)

From the stylistic choices made to the video (i.e. the retro setting, the lighting during the rapping section in the bridge), I believe this music video is probably the very first video of the entire storyline for the LOONAverse.

The most important part of this music video is the end of the video. After ViVi turns off the lights, she gets a text message, which roughly translates to ‘I’ll be back tomorrow’.


In the video, she becomes attracted to the guy who she meets while on the job. Now, clearly based on the video, we assume it is the guy that sent the message. But I think the guy is someone else. Someone, whom we meet later, who also goes on a skating date with ViVi. I believe the guy is Yves. More on Yves in the next post.


And back in the day, Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul and Yeojin were all friends. We already know Haeseul and Yeojin were friends based on Choerry’s music video, So the fact that these four girls were hanging together in this video tells us about their budding friendship.


It also shows one very important detail. ViVi was never their friend. We never see any interaction between her and the four girls. We do see her singing into the camera with that retro filter, which I believe she is copying them to try to get into their group.


Love and Live (LOONA 1/3)

So, something happens to ViVi in between her solo music video and this one. ViVi has somehow turned into a robot and requires charging every now and then, in order for her to compete in the relay races that she was created for. Note that there is no indication that ViVi was a robot in her solo music video. She does wear a backpack in the previous video but it was rather flimsy to be considered a battery pack. 

On her team is the rest of LOONA 1/3 (Heejin, Hyunjin and Haseul) who also train with her. Yeojin is noticeably missing for this unit, suggesting that she was taken away or left for something else. More will be discussed at the end of this theory. ViVi was probably added to fill in the missing position in their team.


Once again, we see ViVi have a hard time fitting into the group. As she is a robot, she has to take time out to charge her batteries. Hyunjin notices and may have told the other members, who could have teased her for this. We also see the girls enjoying some fruit juice but ViVi is unable to (she stores them in her locker).


In the end, we see her take off during another training session. She continues to run until her batteries are drained. The reason why? I don’t have an idea that I am 100% confident in. My initial thoughts that she was running away to remove herself from the world. And while that has been suggested in other theories, there isn’t a clear indication to which world she is running to or a reason why at this point. I believe she ran to the world in which the members would be reuniting – as to be discussed in the Hi High post. One theory suggested Eden but ViVi doesn’t make an appearance in Eden beside Yves’ music video – but it was for a different storyline. 


The same writer put out that ViVi was once part of the OEC world, based on how her eye flashed when her batteries died. I did not pick up on that, so props to that writer – I will post a link in the comments section to that theory. But whether she was traded out for a different member, I am not too convinced as all the OEC had their eyes flash at one point in time.  


Sonatine (LOONA 1/3)

Not really an important video in my opinion. It does reiterate some points. The fact that ViVi ran to the point of exhaustion (i.e. her batteries died) is shown clearly in the music video. All her scenes were shot while she was on the ground.


All other members had scenes higher up (i.e. on bridges or balconies).


One member did have a camera shot while on the ground and that is Haseul.


Well, what does this mean? ViVi tried to remove herself from the world and this video suggests that she was successful. Which world did she end up in, I still have no clue. Haseul also removed herself from the world and that will be discussed later on.

Let Me In (Haseul Solo)

Haseul is seen finding a plane wreckage, using a yellow car that she was not driving. Someone (could be herself, could be someone else) was leading her towards that plane wreckage for some reason. Along the way, it also seems to show her finding diamonds (her ability).


But it wasn’t the plane that she was looking for. She was seeking herself but as the white bird. The diamonds lead to her.


She finds it successfully and shoot it, thus eliminating herself from the world. Why? Well, my guess this happened after she realized what she is missing out on. I assume she isn’t in the real world in this video and wants to be. And since she eliminated herself from the world, she was shot at ground level in one of the scenes during Sonatine. 


Also, the plane wreckage should not be disregarded. In Girl Front, Choerry threw a paper plane, which landed on the ground in the desert, while seeking for Haseul. In this video, a paper plane flashed across the screen while the focus was on the plane wreckage, suggesting both were the same. Hence Choerry did find Haseul’s footsteps but could not find Haseul’s physical self – due to her self-removal from the world.


On a side note, I don’t think Haseul died – rather she is free to roam the worlds (i.e. in Sonatine – she was on both a higher up level and the ground).

Around You (Hyunjin Solo)

Hyunjin’s music video seems to be the least complicated. She is shown to have the ability to replicate herself and be at multiple places at once (see the theory link below).


The normalness in this video suggests that she is part of the real world, one of the three worlds seen in the Choerry’s music video.

I also mentioned that Haseul wants to experience the real world. She may saw what Hyunjin is experiencing and wants that to occur. 


ViVid (Heejin Solo)

In Heejin’s video, I think she has the ability to bend light. Everything is quite bright, and her world is full of colour. On top of that, a rainbow light is positioned over her eyes. It is clearly different from the real world, which she had left. My reason to why she left will be explained in Yeojin’s part.


There were a number of scenes with an emphasis on darkness. Notice how they were incomplete, her back was turned away from the camera or out of focus. It suggests that her ability to bend light is real and may help travel through different worlds.


A French quote was seen at the bottom of the screen during the start of her video. It says ‘I would like to clean. There are tools out there.’ Throughout the video, she is busy cleaning and she enjoys herself while doing so. My thinking is that she is the one helping ‘clean’ the LOONAverse and the mess that was made around Yeojin and Olivia Hye. More on that later and in the next post, respectively. Her green dress, shown in the final image of this section may suggest she is currently focused on Yeojin.


Kiss Later (Yeojin Solo)

Yeojin is the only person to not be a part of LOONA 1/3 despite being introduced earlier on (before ViVi). She was most likely taken to Eden after Choerry’s music video, where she was seen hanging out with Haseul and Choerry.

She is also in a colourful world. And this colourful world gives her the desires she wants (aka. Eden). She is treated like a princess and given expensive gifts. She wants true love and she is given that in the form of a frog.


As she is the youngest member of the LOONAverse, she is far too innocent and hence wants to remain in this world as her desires are being fulfilled.


Two members have been seen trying to get to her. Heejin is the first member who is attempting to ‘clean up’ by replicating the same world as Yeojin’s in order to get to her by using her power (i.e. bending light). That is also why we see her move in and out of the coloured worlds and also the real world. The second member is Yves, who is seen winning a frog in the claw machine, which is the animal representing Yeojin.

This completes my LOONA 1/3 theory post. I will be posting the other theory posts very shortly, so stay tuned for that.

LOONAverse (Part 1) – Odd Eye Circle
LOONAverse (Part 3) – LOONA yyxy
LOONAverse (Part 4) – Hi High

The links will become available once the respective post is published.

If you have any thoughts you want to share or want to add some input into this theory, feel free to comment below!

[Music Video Theory] LOONAverse (Part 1) – Odd Eye Circle

Beware that this is a very long post!

A few months back, I promised a whole set of music video theories. And so far, I have completed music video theory posts for GOT7’s Flight Log trilogy, Monsta X’s The Clan trilogy, UNB’s Sense and Dream Catcher’s Horror Quadrilogy. To wrap up the music video theory segment for this year is LOONA’s LOONAverse theory. Due to the number of videos I had to watch and connect, I had to continually delay the release of it. But I have finally completed it.

For these music video theory posts, I will be discussing each member’s music video based on the order I see fit (i.e. not necessarily the order in which the releases occurred). My own comments/thoughts will be shown in italics, while all other information will be shown in normal font. (i.e. what we can see visually from the screenshots/videos) Hopefully, this is not too confusing.

Please also note that this isn’t 100% correct. This is just what I think occurred. I know I have missed out on a lot of details and the missing details can easily affect my theory.

To begin the post, I have produced a small table that tells us information about each member. This will be referred to during the theory but I thought it would be a nice background for us to have before we dive right into it.


Odd Eyed Circle (OEC) Theory

I want to begin with the Odd Eyed Circle subunit because Choerry and their Girl Front music videos basically introduce the main components of the LOONAverse. But in order to discuss those videos, we need to understand the origins of OEC. So, we begin at what I think is the beginning of their storyline – Sweet Crazy Love.

Sweet Crazy Love (SCL)

Based on this video, the girls don’t know one another yet. However, Kim Lip and Choerry’s paths are intertwined, similar to the way the sun and moon cross paths. When the two members cross path (i.e. Kim Lip is hanging out on the streets and Choerry is in the car), they have a realization of what needs to occur (i.e. their eyes are activated). This leads to the members returning to their dropped bags from the beginning and setting the events of each of their music videos into motion.


Jinsoul is the only member to not interact with the others in this video. Instead, she finds the blue betta fish in the plastic bag, while she is on the train carriage. She rides with the fish by her side and encounters someone ripping off one of her earphones (though we don’t see her – my guess is herself, based on the Girl Front music video). The earphone is positioned next to the fish, who tells her what she needs to do (i.e. the sound could go from one side of the earphones to the other), leading her the removal of her eye patch and activating her eye.


So what makes me think this video is the first video for the OEC (and possibly the LOONAverse)? The ending shows Kim Lip returning to her bag which she dropped. We then see her solo music video in the final moments of the video, which suggests what happens next. Furthermore, each member of OEC is wearing the same outfit schoolgirl outfit that they wore at the start of each of their solo music videos.

Eclipse (Kim Lip Solo)

We begin with where we left off from SCL. Kim Lip walks into the abandoned structure with her school bag, which she drops and proceeds to dance on the red platform.


Her animal is the owl and along with the clothing that she is wearing (which I found someone else had written about on AminoApp – link in comments) and the emphasis on the eye, this suggests Kim Lip is all-seeing and wise.


Resembles an eye

In the events of SCL, she probably saw the need to bring the worlds together. Hence, her dance is a necessary part of beginning the process, similar to how some cultures perform the rain dance in the belief that it will cause rain.


She also needs the help for this eclispe to occur. She sits on the throne, declaring herself to be the leader that brought the unit together. I also believe this is her way of showing herself to be the Queen of the OEC world. The smoke, based on Jinsoul’s video, could also represent that Kim Lip is being transported to another place.


What she also did, which I don’t know if she knew at the time, is that she started a Mobius strip, which in the context of the LOONAverse is a continuous timeline that will continually repeat itself. Confirmation that this occurs is seen at the end, where someone is viewing her, which based on the later videos, it is suggested that this someone was herself.


Dancing In The Rain (Jinsoul Solo)

Jinsoul is shown to be carrying the same blue betta fish AND is wearing the same outfit from SCL, suggesting we are just coming off the SCL music video.


She saw someone (possibly Kim Lip) at the start of the video. We see someone viewing her through a camera lens (once again, emphasis on the eye). Possibly this someone told her to hurry up and put the fish into the tank before the eclipse to travel to the other worlds.


She finds an aquarium, where she places the blue betta fish into the centre tank. Prior to doing this, she is shown to be distorting the contents of the tank. This suggests that she can change elements and control the environment (which we see through the presence of rain later in the video). If she can control the environment, she can physically cause the eclipse to occur (or the three worlds to combine), aiding Kim Lip.



We also see scenes of her inside a fish tank. Firstly, she is singing inside of it. Afterwards, blue smoke is seen coming from the tank. This could be her way of making it to the other worlds OR it could signal the end of her job in this eclipse formation (same way smoke came surrounded Kim Lip once she sat on the throne).



At the end, it seems like Jinsoul is looking at someone. The image is incomplete, giving some mystery to the already complex LOONAverse world. Maybe she reunited with Kim Lip start of the video, giving her a stern yet affirmative look that her work is done.


Love Cherry Motion (Choerry Solo)

Choerry starts off in the same outfit as in SCL. She meets up with Haeseul and Yeojin and hangs out with them. This shows that Choerry, Haeseul and Yeojin were once part of the real world.


She then notices a cake on the bed, which a cherry on top. She eats the cherry and passes out. Whoever left the cherry cake on the bed is unknown but there are two possibilities. Kim Lip crossed paths with Choerry and hence is part of the real world as well. The other person is Jinsoul, who was seen eating cherries in Olivia Hye’s music video.


Choerry wakes up in a different setting (I think she is now in the OEC world). One of the OEC members attracts her attention in the same manner as she did with Haseul at the start of the video.


 She follows and reaches a field with mirrors, where she interacts with her reflection (i.e. passing of the cherry between the mirror). Hence her ability is interacting and travelling to different worlds, which is an important detail in Girl Front.


She eats another cherry and is transported to the same field but it is purple in colour (meaning she has been transferred to another alternative world).


We see her smile at the sky, which is revealed to show 3 moons – each presenting the three worlds for this series. The first represents the real world, the second represents the OEC universe and the 3rd represents Eden). The purple fields is the fourth world as none of the worlds above fit the purple field description. And to see the three worlds in one frame, Choerry would need to be in a fourth world. There is also no rule to there being only three worlds.


Also, every time Choerry eats a cherry, she is taken to a limbo, where she can see and interact Jinsoul and Kim Lip (i.e. the choreography shots). There is also another shot with Choerry by herself looking into a mirror, while in this limbo. Above her is a tree. Importance of this tree will be shown in the next section.


Girl Front

The Girl Front music video confirms the presence of different theories and ideas discussed above, along with the confirmation of what the entire story is about.

The idea of a Mobius strip has been suggested through the ending scene of the Kim Lip video (see above). In Girl Front, Jinsoul is spotted wearing a wristband that is twisted to form a Mobius strip. There is also an entire segment at the end of the video where Choerry throws a paper plane in the right direction, but it hits her back, coming from the left direction. We also get that confirmation at the very end, with Kim Lip looking at herself from afar.


Jinsoul, in this video, is stuck doing the same thing. She is kind of like playing hide and seek, where you cover your eyes and count. She looks behind her every single time to see if anyone is there. And she continually does this (in an infinite loop – going back to the mobius strip) until the other members are behind her, which breaks the loop.


I think the most important person in this video is Choerry, as she contributes to the LOONA storyline the most. She spends this entire video walking around with a map. She is looking for the other LOONA members, which is revealed to us when she puts a cat sticker down. Notice that along with a cat, she is also looking for a rabbit, bird and deer – based on the stickers on the map.


Choerry may be a part of the OEC unit but she also found an ‘owl’ (which in the LOONAverse represents Kim Lip) based on the middle image above, suggesting that she is there under the instruction of someone else. There really isn’t any need to find Kim Lip (the leader of the unit who was theorized to be the cause of bringing the three together, unless you were acting on someone else’s behalf.

Going back to the tree in Choerry’s limbo, the only music video with a prevalent tree is Hyunjin’s music video. Putting down a cat sticker in the Girl Front music video means Choerry found Hyunjin. As Choerry can travel between worlds, she is a likely choice to do some seeking for someone. 


Choerry also seemed to have located Haseul’s plane wreckage, just it is evident that Choerry is in the wrong world. I will touch upon that later when it comes to Haseul’s part (the next post).


So when Jinsoul finds the other 2 OEC members, Jinsoul and Kim Lip join forces with Choerry to find the rest of LOONA. We are also then shown the three moons have disappeared and replaced by one big eclipse. This is the plot line for the Hi High music video, which is all about a large reunion. The Eclipse brings together the three worlds so all the members can reunite.


This completes my Odd Eye Circle theory post. I will be posting the other theory posts very shortly, so stay tuned for that.

LOONAverse (Part 2) – LOONA 1/3
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LOONAverse (Part 4) – Hi High

The links will become available once the respective post is published.

If you have any thoughts you want to share or want to add some input into this theory, feel free to comment below!

[Album Review] ++ (1st Mini Album) – LOONA

I know the album reviews are coming out at really odd times but bear with me for just this week as I make an attempt to catch up on the reviews. The next album that I will be reviewing is LOONA’s debut mini-album, titled as ++. It features both Hi High and favoRiTe, which I have both written separate reviews for. For those who also know about the music video theories that I had promised to write up, I have decided to put them on hold due to the sheer amount of time it takes to write them. They will be up sometime this year, so do not worry! But today, we are here for the album, so let’s get going!

++ Album Cover

2. Hi High (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Hi High. (9/10)

3. favoRiTe (Pre-Release Song)Click here to read the full review for favoRiTe. (9/10)

4. Heat (열기)Heat fits the more aesthetically pleasing side of LOONA that we got through their pre-debut singles. The song has a very mature feel to it, something that you would not expect if you know LOONA through just their debut track. I like how peaceful the song sounds. It flows very well, and the minimalistic vibes of the instrumental allows their amazing vocals to fill the void and shine very brightly. I thought the suspense building, despite the minimalistic vibes of the song, were pretty good as well. (8/10)

5. Perfect LovePerfect Love has that upbeat feel that you expect from a Summer season song. It is literally your standard pop song but done right. The chorus features a simple yet addictive hook, in my opinion. I think more could have done to the verses to really bring the song to another level, as it felt very plain. The song ends off with a short instrumental section, which I thought was cool. But not so much for that squeaky synth. And while the song does have fantastic vocals, it needed some rapping in it. That would have added a layer of texture. (8/10)

6. Stylish – I like the vibes from this song the most as it has a ‘stylish’ feel to it. It takes on that aesthetically pleasing sound and mature sound, like Heart (earlier song on the album). I like the start of the chorus, which has the instrumental omitted, allowing for the vocals (and filtered background vocals) to be in the spotlight. It created a nice level of suspense and amazement, which I thought was quite cool. I would like to see a performance for this song, as the song has that epic feel suited for the stage. Once again, I think the song could have used a rap sequence, but it was still amazing anyway. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

favoRiTe Single Cover

recommended red round grunge vintage ribbon stamp

[Review] Hi High – LOONA

After a long pre-debut period of almost two years, LOONA have finally made their official debut with Hi High. Yes, this is not a pre-release but their actual debut track which they will be formally promoting on stage. The song features on the group’s first mini-album, which is called ++. The group previously made a pre-release with favoRiTe, which is also featured on the said mini-album.

Hi High is an extremely energetic and bright song that felt very unexpected. I saw that because LOONA’s predebut consisted of a wide variety of genres and styles. Yet they went with something a little cliche for a debut. Not that is a problem as the song does a really good job of presenting that youthful side of the group to the listener. There is a sense of familiarity, however, as it does remind me of their predebut style. I really like the ‘Woo-Woo-Ah’ lines within the verses, which were really catchy. The chorus itself was really addictive with the repetition of the English and the chant vibes that come from it. Even though it just came out, it has already been replayed an unhealthy amount of times. Vocally, the song was amazing and the rapping was quite good. The high note during the bridge was spectacular, kicking us with some impact just before the song ends. Overall, it was a fun song that definitely shows their potential.

These are just my observations from the music video but there were a fair bit of reunions. Furthermore, a number of scenes reminded me of some of the predebut music videos, such as the dark room and the athletic track running scenes. Based on this (and the fact that LOONAverse flashes across the screen at the start), I think the context of the video is that they are rejoining as a group after being apart in their own worlds for quite some time. For those who don’t know, I will be posting my LOONA music video theory in a number of weeks (there will be scheduling changes for that) and this video will find its way onto that theory. Storyline aside, it is a good video on its own.

The performance of this song consists of a lot of members. There are other groups who consist of more members but their choreography has been very tight. LOONA’s performance, on the other hand, is a lot looser. The members had to do a fair amount of running to get from one side to the other. I like the cuteness in this choreography, especially during the chorus, which made the performance very inviting.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.9/10