2020 KPOP Charts + Specials

As you can tell from the top of the page, this is where you can find the links for the Weekly KPOP Charts posts from 2020, along with some of the special posts published for the 2020 year. Standard song and album reviews will not be posted here, but you can find an artist or song from 2020 by searching in the search bar at the bottom of the page.

End of Year Posts


Weekly KPOP Charts 2019

1st Week of January 2020
2nd Week of January 2020
3rd Week of January 2020
4th Week of January 2020
5th Week of January 2020
1st Week of July 2020
2nd Week of July 2020
3rd Week of July 2020
4th Week of July 2020
5th Week of July 2020
1st Week of February 2020
2nd Week of February 2020
3rd Week of February 2020
4th Week of February 2020
1st Week of August 2020
2nd Week of August 2020
3rd Week of August 2020
4th Week of August 2020
1st Week of March 2020
2nd Week of March 2020
3rd Week of March 2020
4th Week of March 2020
1st Week of September 2020
2nd Week of September 2020
3rd Week of September 2020
4th Week of September 2020
1st Week of April 2020
2nd Week of April 2020
3rd Week of April 2020
4th Week of April 2020
5th Week of April 2020
1st Week of October 2020
2nd Week of October 2020
3rd Week of October 2020
4th Week of October 2020
5th Week of October 2020
1st Week of May 2020
2nd Week of May 2020
3rd Week of May 2020
4th Week of May 2020
1st Week of November 2020
2nd Week of November 2020
3rd Week of November 2020
4th Week of November 2020
1st Week of June 2020
2nd Week of June 2020
3rd Week of June 2020
4th Week of June 2020
1st Week of December 2020
2nd Week of December 2020
3rd Week of December 2020
4th Week of December 2020
5th Week of December 2020

Special Posts from 2020

Road To Kingdom Reviews

Road to Kingdom Review – Preliminary Performance
Road to Kingdom Review – Round 1 ‘Song of King’
Road to Kingdom Review – Round 2 ‘My Song’
Road to Kingdom Review – Round 3 Part 1 ‘Collaboration’
Road To Kingdom Review – Round 3 Part 2 ‘Your Song’
Road To Kingdom Review – FINAL Song

Mid-Year Summaries

Number 1 Songs from July 2019 to June 2020

Top 10 Personal Favourites Songs from 1st Half of 2020

Other Special Posts

My Favourite Performances from the 2019 End of Year Music Festival