Neverland – U-Kiss

Now this video was very, very, very, very good. The location is kinda dull but overall it is very good. “Neverland” to me sounds like a theme park, not some gray mountain and some old abandon factory. FAIL theme park. But neat way to attract young kids 😉 Only joking there.


The English lyrics are really good. However its about a guy trying “attract” a girl to their “heart” (does not sound right) and to me, i will be surprised if it did attract anyone: guy or girl. Its also a bit random since they just randomly added a few extra lines for no reason like “Tell the DJ turn it up up up and da-da-dance a little more”. What does this have to do with love? An affair with the DJ? Scared!!!


The dance for this song is very complex. And when I say complex, I mean complex. They were throwing their hands everywhere, doing some kinda of zombie dance. I would also like to point out –> they touch themselves a lot. I know that sounds really my gay but look back at the video and see they touch their hair, feet, knees & chest. Really, they can’t keep their hands off themselves. Beside that and the lyrics, the song is very catchy, i had the bridge of the song stuck in my mind. Even though I don’t know the lyrics, the tune can be memorized easily.


However a major letdown of the video beside the location is the fashion. Yes they look very cool in the black clothing however the silver is ummm… really odd. It looks like a fishing net. I don’t wish to harsh, however when i first saw the video, I was like “Are they catching fishes?”. Not so cool, in my point of view. I prefer the black shirt and pants, cause for some reason I think Asian guys look better in black. Look at me, I am Asian, I i look way better in black then bright-fluorescent colours.



To me the video and song was very catchy. It was very enjoyable to watch. 2 letdowns, however the rest of the video did a lot to fix those up. The dance was in sync not like many other videos. If I were to rate this video out of ten, I would rate it 8.5/10. 😀


3 thoughts on “Neverland – U-Kiss

  1. The post that started it all! Congrats KPOPREVIEWED! You have been an inspiration to all of us. Thank you! Also, U-KISS’s Neverland still is one of the best songs of the 2010. Thanks for it being your first post!

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    1. Yup, definitely agree with your comments about it being one of the best songs of the year back then. It is such a pity that UKISS never got the recognition they deserve 😦

      PS. I look at this post earlier in the week, and I cringed at it. Oh, how 10 years has flown by.

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