Step – Kara

This song is a wonderful song. I was never fond of Kara except for Mister, Lupin and now Step. The rest were basically dull. Step stands our because its a colourful Music Video and the song is very catchy. Who says songs must have a romantic twist in it? Kara has proven so.

The music video had no plot what-so ever. I am happy about this as many songs have misleading plots in their videos which causes them to be less appealing to the viewer and make them lose interest in the song. This is a nice change to the K-pop industry in my point of view. I love the set. it is very flashy and colourful which is another change to the industry. If you look closely on the walls of theeir set, you can see their biggest hit’s name on the wall and the actually music video for the hits. This is really so cool giving us a feeling that they are celebrating their past.

Now, I wonder how I am going yo say this. The clothing they wore were pretty tight. LOL. I have to say they stand out and were very, very, very, very colourful. Their dresses were very beautiful and nice and it reflected the colour of the background.

To rate this song, I would give it 9.5/10. The video and song was great however the video was a bit too colourful.

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