Love Song – Big Bang

Okay, Big Bang. Is there something you can not do? This song is the best song, in my point of view, you have done since your debut. I absolutely love this song. Finally a song that is just perfect. Not to busy, not too empty, loud, slow, angry.

This music video a different feel to it than other videos. The scenery is different. All the others need colour. Well, Welcome  to Big Bang. They do everything old school. Well nearly everything. They film in Black and White. Time to go old school. Their simple clothing is actually simple. No crazy hair dos just a normal suits with a scarf flying at the back. Yeah Scarfs. . . .

I have to say. This music video is daebak (awesome), the smoke gives it the extra amounts of professionalism in the video. The speed of the music video also reflects the speed of the music and the events.

Song itself matches the type of video they have. However I don’t think this is the perfect vdieo to show people who want to catch onto the Hallyu wave. People might think Kpop is tragic after seeing a group of guys walk through a place that has been bombed. hmm… Also I have noticed that Daesung and T.O.P and Seungri only got 2 parts in the whole song. Taeyang got 4 and GD got 5. I don’t think this is fair. As Daesung’s voice goes very well with the song. T.O.P’s rap for this song is much more manly and cmpatible with this music video.

Now this video is nice, however the parts could’ve been shared out fairly. MORE DAESUNG AND TOP PLZ. Anyway rating of this song is 9/10. 😀

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