Starlight Moonlight – Secret

Hmmm… I am always repetitive when I do posts. LOL. This is a brand new concept which really to me doesn’t fit their image. I prefer Secret in Madonna & Mazic (or is it Magic). Starlight Moonlight ans Shy Boy are just too cheesy for me. I prefer Mazic and Shy Boy because it showed girl power. While this is too much directed at guys.

Anyway, I don’t get the plot of the music video. It doesn’t make sense. Why is the janitor part of this? Keep cleaning man and I have to say he is very clumsy. Image what he does mopping the floor with a bucket water next to him. Awkward. Anyway also they look like they are at a train station or some kind of harbor, but then they board a hot air balloon. After that they end up in a place that kind of resembles another planet or some kind of exotic rainforest which human life have not found let.

Anyway their dresses look kind of awkward in this video. As I said, I prefer the dress they wore in Madonna and the casual clothing they wore in Mazic. it was more neat and had less effort needed for their image. But they still looked great.

The song though is very catchy and so is the choreography. It is smart and actually blends in with the music. The dance moves are not even bias towards a specific gender. HaHaHaHaHa.

To give a rating of this song, Personally I would give it a 5.5/10. Please go back to your previous image. 😀

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