Midnight Circus – Sunny Hill

“Midnight Circus, Riddle Me OMO. Midnight Circus, Riddle Me OMO.”

I have to say this is one the best songs ever written and sung on stage. There is no better song than this. I believe Sunny Hill is one of the best artists ever because they sing in a very mysterious and creepy way that does not have a prefect feel to it when others sing it.

Now I love a good mystery and this definitely had my thumbs up. Now the plot is kind of complex to figure out. So here it is. It took me ages to figure it out. An old man has been taken by the evil ringmaster who had previously transformed 4 girls from a cat, bird and 2 horses (or is the white one a unicorn?). Now he is told to play the accordion for the performance. However as the Music Video progresses, the Old Man regains his memory of his pasts. Not wanting to be known the ringmaster and his circus slowly disappears and the old man is safe again. However there are underlying messages to the viewers in this music video. I am going to only tell one. This video aims to those who have been controlled for their life. This tells them to break away from the “controller” and live life. That’s right. The ringmaster is like the puppeteer and the girls are the puppets.

Anyway, you think this is weird. You have not seen the Backup dancers yet, have you? Its me or are they wearing stockings around their head? (On closer inspection, i figured out that they had a lot of make up on. Well it’s not that bad. 2pm was worse)  Not sure about the symbolism there but it must signify something right? Or is it a wardrobe malfunction? More Mystery?

^(Whoever wrote that is such a loser)

LOL. This song is really good. Not only do they have a great instrumental but also a great meaning behind the video. Anyway to rate this video i would give it a 9.5/10.

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