Mr. Taxi – Girl’s Generation


Now this song is definitely a very catchy one. To me the Japanese Version (which I am reviewing) is flows much more than the new Korean Version featured in Girl’s Generation’s newest album. It is or their voices kind of hold back the energy when they sing this song in Korean but when they sing in Japanese the song is easily delivered and sounds really nice.

English in the Song

The English in the song is used in a very high standard and since the song goes well with the English lyrics, I have to reason to say they have bad English.


SM Ent. is starting to get on my nerves with their music videos. They should really leave the concept “THE BOX” and actually think outside of one for once. Sorry Sorry, Bononma, Mr. Simple, Hoot, Genie, Danger, Get Your Head Down and many other songs who are under SM Ent. are filmed in this “box”. Its not creative anymore and looks very dull. This music video shows this again. A box with the singers in it. I am not really happy with the music video.

Live Performance

The Live Performance is really good. It allows them to escape the box concept. The dance is very creative. The stirring wheel, the “I-will-clean-your-windows” and many other dance moves which I obviously dubbed names for go really well with the song.

Anything Else

I’ve think I said it all. LOL.

And Rating?

Well I think I have said enough. Yes, I am shutting myself up. The rating I would give this song is definitely a 8.5/10.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 🙂

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