Cry Cry (Dance Version) – T-Ara


I really am not a fan of T-Ara and I really dislike the normal version (Drama Version) of this song. It is not that enjoyable to listen to. I do prefer it over Roly Poly. However, every time I listen to it I find it boring. Add that to the dance version and you find a pile of dung. Yes I am harsh however this is the truth for me.

Music Video

Talk about confined. You see a group of girls who dance in an odd room. Not the best video. There is nothing I liked about this video. The lighting was odd compared to other videos (aka. very dark, darker than most scenes in their mini drama). The dance was really not that great. Some people loved the cane dance. To me it was a distraction. I really dislike their scarf dance. Really it was awful to my eyes. Sad but true. I really loved Bo Peep  Bo Peep. Why don’t they go back to those times?

Live Performance

Since I spoke about the dance in the music video section, there really is not much to say about the rest of the video. I did say I hated the video’s lightning. However on the stage, the lightning was golden-like which reflected the song’s tune and instrumental.

And the rating?

Not really the best song. It did have many flaws though. Oh well —–> 5.5/10.

Have Fun Watching 🙂 Troy

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