Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls


This is a very dominate song with very powerful vocals. I really loved this song. Each of the singers add their own originality to it in a way never have I seen before. Even though it is inspired by a really great piece of music, it has been upgraded into some kind of dance/war themed song. The three high notes were … WOW. Jea, Narsha & Ga-In’s voices were complimenting the songs theme and each showed a lot. Miryo’s rap is very profound and again dominate. The only thing I have against this song is some of the English in this song. Take the line “Bichi Bichi, Guilty Guilty”. If I had not looked up the lyrics, I would’ve thought she said “bitchy, bitchy.” Also “Hit That High”, I thought Jea had sung “Hit That Top”.

Music Video

This music video has a very dominate yet mysterious and sneaky plot. I absolutely love the layout and the scenery. It tells us what kind of happened. I am guessing BEG used to be lovers with that evil guy in the golden mask. However he trapped them, tied them up left them in abandoned houses, in dark chambers (which happen to be a hallway), chained them up or left them tied up in a pond.  They escape in the music video and want revenge. The guy in the golden mask sends his troops to destroy these girls however they fight back and the golden mask guy is defeated in the end. However in the end, the revenge/defeat sequence was only merely a dream which ended BEG/ dancers to be defeated. How this relates to real life is truly amazing. Revenge is sweet however once your lover have left you for another person, you must be reminded that he or she cannot be with you again unless you accept defeat and live on with your life. If you plan to avenge yourself and kill your lover, you are truly your worst enemy because you would miss them. (Well, unless they have caused you so much pain that you hate them and never had a real feeling for them).

Live Performance

I have nothing to say about this dance but sexy. OMG, I died at the sight of them dance this. Ga-In, in particular. I have to say the clothing have a meaning themselves.

And The Rating?

Sexy, symbolic yet great song – 9.5/10.  

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