Sherlock (Note & Clue) – SHINee


What a really cool song. It really lives up to its stand as a really good comeback song. It is really funky and really modern. This by far is the best SHINee song ever. This is the first song by SHINee which I enjoyed hearing in Korean. I really do prefer SHINee singing Japanese, but this song may change my theory. Everyone has great vocals in this song. Minho and Key’s rap in the song is so awesome and Jonghyun, Onew and Taemin’s vocals is the best song. I really think they guys have gone a long way since their debut. The chorus is really the best part of the song. “Oh I’m Curious, Yeah. Oh, I’m Curious yeah, yeah…~”. That is literally stuck in my head. Definitely a song to listen to.

Music Video

MUST GET SOMETHING OFF MY CHEST: TAEMIN CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that is off my chest, I can now continue.  Wow, A SM Ent. video with a plot? What is going on? This plot is actually fool-proof so not many people can point it flaws. However I really have to say something. That person who craved the statue must have been drunk or something when they did that. Why? That statue does not look anything what so ever like Jessica. I believe that was an insult to Jessica’s beauty. (Jessica looks really beautiful in this music video. LOL).

There is nothing I can pick beside that from the video. Except for how obvious that secret room is on the outside because of the two different shades on the walls and that Taemin’s hair gets in the way when he dance. A nice music video better than Mr. Simple, A-Cha, Hello etc.

Live Performance

I really love the dance for this song. Actually, this was the first song which I tried dancing to in public and trying to copy it. I really love the start, It is very creative. Especially the slow motion walking. Boy, That must have been the most creative dance move there. I really love the chorus where they are like doing something similar to an Irish dance or something. (No offence to anyone Irish out there, if I got the nationality wrong.) I also love the very start and ending of the song with the position of their hand. Like a detective. 

And The Rating?

BEST COMEBACK EVER. 9.5/10. (I’m sorry, blame the teasers.).

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

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