Magic – Secret


This was the first song which I had listen to by Secret and they left a really good impression. I listened all of their songs since (not including their Japanese song, except for their latest one). As I said before Secret uses girl power to get their song and message across. They don’t muck around. When they sing, they actually sing. There is proof in Magic, Madonna, Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight & Love Is Move. However looking back, Secret has changed in many ways. Their vocals are 10 times better today than when they first sang Magic. The raps are also different since then to now. I am very happy that I found Secret cause they are one of th few bands that I listen to.

I must also address, I am confused with the origins of the words “Mazic”. Now I don’t know where that word came from however I believe it must be the pronunciation of English words in Korean or better:


 Music Video 

Also, something we must all agree on. Music Videos have gone a long way. Compare SNSD’s Into The New World with The Boys. Compare Big Bang’s Last Farewell to Fantastic Baby. Compare Secret’s Magic with Love Is Move. It all shows us the enhancement of  technology but either way a music video will always remain a music video. I don’t have any actually complaint with the music video. I quite enjoyed the music video. The singers have changed so much. Look at Zinger with her black hair or Hyosung with her black hair.

But seriously, they look sexier and prettier more now than then.

Live Performance

Is it me or Secret always chooses a really catchy dance. Look, I really can’t explain the dance. It is too good for words (Maybe because when I explain it, it sounds like something erotic). But “Oh My Magic, Magic, Magic. Oh My Magic, Magic, Magic.”

And The Rating?

I love Secret. This song was awesome. The music video was awesome. The dance was awesome. I Love Secret. 9.5/10.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy.

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