Fantastic Baby – Big Bang


“Wow~, Fantastic Baby.” If you have heard this song, then this line would have probably been stuck in your mind as well. Big Bang has taken these three simple words and have jammed my memory with it. All I can do after listening to a song is say “Wow~ Fantastic Baby.”

Now this song really does not focus on vocals or rapping that much unlike Blue or Bad Boys. This song is just a simple dance track like Last Farewell/Baby Baby. It is more of a visual and to show how much Big Bang has changed.

I really quite enjoyed Daesung’s bit in the song with the really high and long note, GD’s ending of the song and GD’s “Catch Me On Fire” in the live performances. Not at the start of song but at the end of song. Also I thought T.O.P’s rap had a different feel to it especially with the emphasis at the end of each line or verse. Taeyang showed great vocals and Seungri,well was more visual than vocals in this song.

Music Video

Again this is dance like music video because the song suggest this theory. I don’t understand how the riots in the music video reflects the dance theme of the song. Anyway, each of the members are kings in their own palace. GD has some long hair and trashy make-up. Later in the video, GD’s hair is shorter and make-up is much neater, suggesting he got out the place which he must have stayed for some long period of time. Taeyang was frozen up and he soon thawed to escape his closure. Daesung was bound by chains and soon released himself from his dungeon. T.O.P was stuck in these picture frames and also escaped from his “picture” self. Seungri was trapped by girls who scratched him? Yeah, not so sure on Seungri’s part of the music video there.

Anyway, as you read above, each member has their own reasons to escape from these conditions which they have all been (except for Seungri). But in the end, with those on their side in the riots dance in celebration. Yeah, sounds like a a bunch of teenagers who are grounded but slowly sneaked their way out of their parents sight to go this dance party.

Live Performance

I must say, these performances must be the most epic performances ever. Every stage is different and you can definitely tell by the stage and effects that YG Entertainment is investing a lot of money into this group. I love the dance for this song but unfortunately have forgotten the name of the dance. Something like windscreen wipers?

And The Rating?

Under the new system I would give this song a 9.3 out of 10.

Have Fun Watching. Troy. 😀

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