Spring of a Twenty Year Old – IU



This is a really refreshing song. I found it really soothing even though it contained electro-beats to it. I found it really cool and nice. The lyrics do reflect a twenty year old’s spring. Hopefully it will be like this when I am twenty years old. Only 4 and a bit more years. I really like the end chorus, cause the song builds up the suspense and just unleashes it with full glory which was really nice. The only complaint with the song was the start. It was slow and compared to the ending, it kind of sucked. I mean the start was really slow and the end was like bang. Not really that fun I believe. But overall the song was nice in my point of view.

Music Video

OMG the music video was… boring. I seriously find it hard to sit in front of a computer for 27 minutes watching a music video. To make it worse, the song was the end of the whole music video, which kind of bored me. If I had not read the comment, I would’ve have given this a really ad review. (I just skipped to the end). Seriously, at least give it some kind of a storyline to it. All I see is IU running free with her boyfriend for some reason I think is the camera man or PD of the whole expedition. I hated T-Ara’s Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey music video because they took so freaking long to end. This is 10 times worse. Great to know that IU is drinking her milk, but where the music????

Now I know that in Korea, twenty is like the coming of age  and yes I wish to celebrate mine, but this is a music video. Also I know it is some kind of fan-service music video but I really don’t like the fact that is about her life and the schedules she go through. For some it is fascinating, for others (like me) another video is a much better idea. (A behind the scene would be good, with the music video being a whole separate video).

And The Rating?

A 7.5/10. Love the song but not the music video. Sorry IU. (There is no performance. Which does sucks.)

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

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