Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls (Korean Version)


OMG, Finally, I have gotten around to doing this song. I absolutely love this song. Just listening to it, you know how sexy and dirty this whole song will be. It was amazing. Even though it has been released years ago, it is still a really good song to listen to. The vocals are really good and the rap is quite good as well. There really is not much to talk about this song.

Music Video

I am a little confused with the music video. Is Ga-In bisexual in this video? Cause she is making out with a guy, straps a bomb to his chest, turn into Narsha, turns back into herself and then makes out with Narsha. Jea does not make an appearance in the video, expect for the dance and Miryo is watching because she is a “supervisor”. Interesting group we have here. There is a really good plot, which has some rough edges in it, but overall pretty good.

Why on earth did I make this video sound like a porno?

Live Performance

Ah, my friend. If you have no idea what I am going to talk about in the dance, you have officially been living under a rock your whole freaking life. The frontal dance is so freaking famous. I think it is called that. I call it the hip dance but then again. It is so popular and famous, everyone has been dancing to it. Everyone from Jo Kwon to the Nation’s Grasshopper (Yoo Jae Suk). I really like this dance, cause it is easy to do. Just stand and sway your hips. I also like Ga-In’s solo. Where all the girls rub themselves over her body! LOL what?

And The Rating?

Has Brown Eyed Girl’s ever disappointed? 10/10.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy

Live Performance:

Music Video:

3 thoughts on “Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls (Korean Version)

  1. Jea is in the video. She’s in the hallway singing in black leather. She’s one of the prisoners in a jail cell. She’s also the dog walker.


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