Like This – Wonder Girls


Now, I have to admit. I had mixed feelings about this song. This has to be an epic song. It is a clear dance track that tells people to dance, not make them dance. Two different things. The lyrics in the rap and the chorus makes the song quite fun, which sets this song a part from the others.

However I have to say this: I think the girls held back too much. Be My Baby had great use of their vocals and rap. Here the rap is just fine, however I felt the others held back. Even Sohee sounded a bit corridnated in a song that is just meant to be all fun and party, but the vocals in this song is not that outstanding. I understand Sun’s side of the sotry, as they recorded and held all their comeback stages sick, but seriously the other girls. But this is still a really good dance track. YAY!!

Music Video

This music video is nothing but a big flash mob. Though I think many of the parts were filmed as an actual music video, I still think it a very original idea. From my experience, nothing made the music video more epic than the idea of the flash mob.

Beside that, there is nothing much to say about this song, beside the fact that there is a lack of colour in the video. Dunno if anyone has noticed, but the music video looks dull when the song is very colourful and loud.

Live Performance

I love this dance. Though the start of the chorus bit I am still trying to master, the dance is pretty good. Its fun and very “up there”.

And The Rating?

9/10. If the girls did not sound like they were held back and the music video had some more oclour in it, then it would’ve been better. However it is still a good song. “Like This Yo, Like This”.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy

Music Video

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