To You – Teen Top


Now, at first I did not like this song. And now for some reason, I enjoy listening to this song. I found the beat to be quite weird at first, but now I find relaxing and really catchy. I really want to know what had happened. Why did my liking just change?

I find the vocals in here quite nice and the raps too. The highlight of the song for me was the very start of the song.

Music Video

To be honest, I have not touched the music video at all. Surprise, Surprise. I have watched the teasers which has given me a glimpse of what the music video is like. Dancing in a room full of cubes and one of the members wet, in a bathtub. which is for some reason located in the middle of the room, at a very weird angle. It is also full of water. I really don’t understand KPOP videos when it comes to bathtubs.

After watching the music video: WTH?

The plot was quite confusing. Really. I can tell it is about a group of guys who want to be with the girl they want, but she does not want them. So they fight? Bathe? Dance in puddles? To me, even though I never have been in a relationship, that girl is not for keeping. If you try to be kind to her which I think they have been with letters and meeting up with her in car parks, and she does not want to be with you, why bother. If probably take notice of you after a while, or fish for more in the sea. There are always more fish in the sea.

But at the end, the whole paragraph I wrote up there may have just disappeared. Not cool mate. Seriously are they ghosts or are they actually real living people? She had physical contact with them before, but now they disappeared?

As you can tell I am very confused.

Live Performance

I guess the best thing of the whole song is how orignal the actual dance is. It flows. No rough ends. I also find the dance throughout the whole song quite addictive. So yeah. YAY DANCE!

And The Rating?

I’d give this song a 7.4/10. Not really that good in terms of the music video. I did kind of liked the song but really enjoyed the dance.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy

Live Performance:

Music Video:

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