Electric Shock – F(x)


I find this song quite good compared to their other songs. I am not a fan and this song does not really change my thoughts about them. However, this is still a good song. It is addictive in a way, but is also annoying at the same time. I am not particularly fond of the “Electric Shock” part of the song. I did like the Na Na Na Na part of the song. Sigh, I thought I was easy to please. I found the vocals pretty good and the rap as well. There really is not much else to say about the song.

Music Video

I found the music video is a bit too mainstream. SM always comeback with a music video that is in a really confined room. I did like the the background, because it looks like those heart monitors line.

However I found that the items used in the music video kind of made the girls look like as if they were going to kill. I mean, those weapons that they are holding are kind of dangerous. You know, they could have killed the cameraman.

Live Performance

I thought the dance would’ve been a bit more serious. Electric Shock sounds like a bad ass type of song, but the dance turned out to be a cutey, bouncing song, which I liked, because this song fits the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. (May I emphasis that the Southern Hemisphere is currently suffering in the cold here. Melbourne is a bad place to be).

And The Rating?

I’d give it a 7/10. Not fond of the artist, but the song is still pretty cool.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Live Performance

Music Video

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