Poison – Secret

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OMG, Secret is back, with a brand new song and really sexy and elegant look. It has been around a year already since their last Korean comeback and has been a year since they have been in Japan promoting full-time. Now, I need to get something off my chest. BANNNED!!! I can seriously imagine this song getting the back hand from the banning agency or whoever does it in Korea. It is so damn “revealing”. I can give many reasons why this video would be banned. Regardless. Look at the girl’s legs. Too sexy. Look at the girl’s cleavage. Too revealing. Look at the shooting scene. Too violent. Look at the spiking drink scene. Too inappropriate for young teenagers. But I do hope that this song will remain around. I love it.

This song is so damn catchy. I was already in from the start. I had “You are my poison” stuck in my head for ages. Though their English is not exactly 100%,  I could still understand everything. The saxophones in the song really complement the dance and the actual feel of the song and music video. Actually, I felt their vocals have improved greatly. They sounded really professional (which they are) and really serious. Move over cutesy girl groups, Secret is here. It is powerful and really elegant at the same time. I am not surprised that the girls have this feel. I want you back, Magic, Madonna, Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight and Love Is Move all have their unique characteristic. This song as well. I really love that long note at the end. Really well done and fits the song really good. I also loved the rap. There is nothing wrong about it. I fits the song. I actually think the person in the song that stands out is Zinger. It has to be.

On to the music video. SEXY!!! Summed it up in one word. Basically, but the plot line is really flawless. I love the fact how they incorporated the “poison” bit into the song. Onto the plot: The music video was really dark. Hyosung  was given the job to spike the detective, to distract him, I am assuming from the very start. The girls have previously made contact with the detective, or another male figure, who had the safe box’ code tattooed on his back. Hmmm. About that, not really that good. Well, Zinger writes that number down and hands it to the singer. They then band together to get to the safe. However one of the girls is taken hostage. But Hyosung, comes in time with another gun, shooting both men down. The girls quickly steal the jewellery that was in the safe, and escape in a car. The detective soon comes and is confused. Yeah, basically that is the music video’s plot in a short summary.

There is one thing that I am confused about though. The car that they escaped in was not technically moving, right? Well, so why was there car sounds. That makes no sense what so ever. Why KPOP videos, why do you do this to us?

The dance to this song is really sexual. It kind of has a Beyonce feel, but also they held back as well. I guess they were trying to be “safe” in a way. I kind of like the “Gotta Be, Gotta Be your poison” dance part. Really sexy and original. But beside that, I find that the girls have definitely have upgraded in looks but sadly downgraded in their bodies.

If I was to rate this. definitely be giving it a 10/10. No buts, it is one really good song. Really addictive and sexual.

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