Still Love You – AAA


Now, if you don’t know this band, I am not surprised. I only found out this when I subscribed to Avex on Youtube, and boy what was I missing out on. Most of the time I review K-POP songs, and sometimes songs that are by KPOP artists just in Japanese. This is the actual first J-POP band I will be reviewing, and particularly one of the songs they just released in July or earlier. Yes, I am missing out on a lot and you are too, if you do not know this band!

The song is like a K-POP song, in terms of its instrumentals. I mean, like a K-POP song. There really is not much difference between J-POP or K-POP, well beside the fact that they are in Japanese or Korean. I really like the calm and soft instrumental, which really complimented the females’ voices. The guys’ really fit the chorus in the song, and their “Tell Me Why” was quite catchy. I don’t really know the members yet, but they are pretty good. I think, in my point of view, are better than many of the Korean artists that I have heard. Their high notes fit the song, but are not that spectacular compared to the Brown Eyed Girls. Oh what am I saying, guess who just hit my number one spot in Japan!!!!

Now, the music video does not exist. So far, I have found the short version, but there is no long version, which sucks, because I love the red stage props they had. The music video is quite different to Korean ones, but I don’t know why, they have some kind of different aspect that makes it a bit different. I really liked their close-up solo shots, and that mysterious blue background. Also, those computer effects for the camera, are pretty good as well. Something that KPOP videos lack, good camera shots. If you guys can find a full version of the music video (or how Japanese call it: Promotional Video), please leave me a link, I would love to watch it.

They can sing live, I really loved the formations which they had when they were dancing. And boy, can they dance!!!!

8/10. Everything was all good!!!!

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