Sexy Love – T-Ara


Too soon? I guess so. Back after their controversy of the Hwayoung incident, they have made one of their least successful comebacks to date, I think. I guess they had some strong competition (*Cough*Cough*-Psy-*Cough*). But really, I was too kind of was disappointed. Not only now, they slapped a song with an irrelevant music video (drama version), they kind of made me feel really disappointed. This song was planned to be released right after Day By Day, but was postponed for obvious reasons.

As I said I was disappointed. I thought this song was like “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song that most of us sang when we were younger. Yeah, I am referring to the chorus of the song. ‘Sexy eyes, sexy nose” really does not cut it out for me. Really, I don’t pay attention to their nose in particular if i was finding a girl to love with. I also did not like the start, it kind of felt awkward and made the song kind of slow, but since it was some techno type, I expected something much faster. I did agree with their “robot theme” as the song did drop a few hints of being robots. Question: Is this the type of songs robots dance to? 😉

As for the music video, and I am reviewing the one with the dance it. I found it really annoying to watch. I watched it but I really found it annoying/ The start was really dragged out, and the scenery was kind of gloomy in my point of view. Since their robots, it made their expressions really fake, which I did not enjoy watching. The close up really sucked. I think this would be their worst concept ever.

Their dance really just fits the robotic theme. Not really much to say. Just on stage, they looked more expression-less than ever. But I liked their costumes for the stages though.

Yeah, a really bad concept and a comeback that was too soon. 3/10.  (Really sorry, you may think I am now biased with this group, but seriously, I just hated the concept. That means, never do the robot next to me  unless you look really good doing it. I still like their old songs though.)

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