I Don’t Need A Man – Miss A

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Miss A recently came back with this song in October. It is much more different from its last concept which was dark and mysterious. This is more light-hearted and cheerful, showing a more stronger side to the girls. Touch was not really a hit in my mind, but this song much better and sounded really good. Pity it had some tough contenders to compete with, because this song is awesome. It deserves an award compared to Touch. Anyway:

The song, as said above, was a hit in my mind. It has everything that a KPOP song should have. It has the really sucky beat, but their voices had enhanced that. This song shows the power that the girls have by stating that they “don’t need a man”. Though it is not bad ass as Brown Eyed Girl’s Sixth Sense, they do show some uniqueness to some extent. The rap was totally awesome and this time around, the song actually needed a rap. Apparently it is a song that has for a song called the “Independent Women” and Destiny Child, hence why they got “Independent Women III” which to me is pretty smart. The lyrics highlight what girls can do which they don’t need a man to help them with like: paying rent, getting money to buy clothes and food. I guess the main part for me in the whole song is this line: “The other girls may have rich parents or a rich boyfriend”, which I guess shows that no one needs to be rich to be satisfy with their life. Money does not mean happiness to everyone.

The music reflects the lyrics appropriately. When they mention that they can buy clothes on their own, they showed clothes and a man actually paying for their daughter’s clothes with what happens to be a membership card to a retail, not an actual credit card but oh well. I really liked the colours that they had and it felt like the actors and actresses had no control over what they were doing in the back ground. Unlike the Miss A members who like retaliating to the cameras and directors who are filming, which portrays the music video quite well. The only thing that I don’t ant to see again is the Miss A graffiti. It looked horrible.

The dance is really makes sense. “I don’t need a man” basically just had their fingers waving as if we were telling some kid off for doing something bad. They were showing off their muscles and danced really well. Jia’s solo was awesome as well.

I would give this song a 9/10. Really Good.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy.

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