Standing Still – UKISS


UKISS is finally back with another song. For fans, it seems like it has been forever, but for people like me and possibly you, it has only been 6 months since the last comeback. Despite many “experts” saying that UKISS will finally win an award this year, and the fact that the “3 year, no award” disbandment rumours in the air, this is a really good song. However I, myself, a fan of UKISS, am a bit sceptical if they would win with this song (but mind you, 5 times the chances of winning an award starting April). But anyway, let’s carry on.

The song is pretty good. However, every time I listen to this song, I feel that there is something missing. I think Stop Girl was a much more dominant song than this. This song, some reason, sounds good, but does not sound as good as their previous songs. Once again, Dongho and Kiseop gets the shorter stick out of the 7 members. Is it me or in the song and music video, Dongho always gets the least amount of lines? Isn’t he the rapper of the group as well? Why does he not get any rap lines? But anyway, I think the vocals in the song are pretty good. As always, Hoon, Kevin and Soohyun always get the most lines. The rap, done by Eli and AJ, was really well done. I could feel the emotion within the song. The English particularly makes sense and actually fits the song quite well. There is no “Joom Joom my heart like a locket” lyrics here.

As for the music video, I am quite disappointed. WHAT THE HELL NH MEDIA? With a song like this, you really don’t make the music video look good? Seriously, with a group as big as UKISS, I actually expect more of the better type of music video. Here is a bunch of guys just dancing in what seems to be an abandoned building. Oh wait, that sounds so familiar. Oh guess what, UKISS used the same concept in terms of their music video for Believe. And also, what is the hell with the girl? Despite, staring into the camera, the girl served on purpose what so ever in the music video. She did not contribute anything to the plot (if there was one) or the actual dance. Oh, and her contact lenses are really strong. They scared me.

The live is okay. The dance is not really as epic as their other dances like Neverland or Man Man Hi Ni. Despite that though, it looks like the guys have taken a fresh approach upon the dance and have gone for a much sexier dance (that mirrors DoraDora).

7/10. It was okay, however it could’ve been loads better. If it can win an award, we have to give that decision to their fans. No pressure.

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