Why So Serious? – SHINee (minus Jonghyun)

Source: http://cdn.popdust.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Shinee-Why-So-Serious-Feature.jpg

SM Entertainment had a few choices here. Obviously, they chose the worst one of all. Jonghyun recently was involved in an accident, where his nose somehow got injured. It was announced that he would not be able to perform and promote this song with them. Since SHINee had promised that they will make a comeback, they did. At least, someone from SM can keep their promise (Referring to EXO here). But, like some people, I am not impressed with the song as Dream Girl (Review Here!!!). It is a great song, but Taemin, you are just…. Taemin is the dancer of the group. But WHY THE HELL did he GET PROMOTED TO MAIN VOCALIST???? Onew, Minho and Kay got around 40% of the song. Taemin, himself, got around 60% of the song. Disappointment there. At first I thought Onew would get more lines or Minho would have more singing lines. Instead, Minho actually seemed to get less lines in this song compared to Dream Girl. I don’t hate Taemin. I think his voice is good. But I thought at least  the four can split the song up into equal parts. Did not happen at all.

Beside that, the song is quite good. I like the new rock fresh theme. It seemed hardcore. But the use of the high note at the very start did not seem right at all. I thought the bridge of the song was quite lacking and that the start of the song was too powerful. Seems like they got confused. Go home, high note. You’re drunk. But seriously guys. I think this is the best song ever by SHINee. The fresh feel is something that I don’t see many KPOP artists doing. I love the chorus. It is so catchy and sounds really good. The rap also sounded very good. Minho, Key and… Taemin sound pretty good. Taeman seems to have improved greatly with his vocals, along with Key. I would not mind if SHINee (all five members) kept doing rock.

The music video is quite okay. The darkness of the video fitted the the rock beat of the song. The “boxes” that they are in look quite unique. If only other SM artists had good boxes to sing in. I also quite like the PLOT in this video. Really it is just a girl who is fooled by her imagination, thinking she is dating SHINee. When the police come though, SHINee acts all scared. But it turns out the girl was lonely. Forever alone. I had to. I am sorry. I like the contrast between the dark feel and the white room. Quite different in the KPOP world.

The dance to was really cool. Zombies, sleeping dead people and the mini jump. Pretty cool.

8/10. And that is me, excluding my little rant on top.

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