Should Have Treated You Better – UBeat


UBeat recently made their subunit debut. The group itself was a good idea. However, the song and the “featuring” member is not as exciting as I first thought it would. So basically, when they had no plans of debuting a subunit at that time in an interview when they first released Standing Still (REVIEW). I have noted that this subunit is rushed! Rushed. Also, how many of you guys knew that Kevin was a featured in the song? That is right! Kevin is not part of UBeat. That kind of stuffed up their pattern and all of that what not.

The song is okay. It is not bad, but it is not good. Can’t really lean over to one side for this one. I like UKISS as a band because of their never ending determination to get first place on a music show. However, guys. I don’t think this is just right. Eli, Kevin and AJ are quite well known. Maybe Dongho, Hoon or Kiseop should have a chance in promoting a song of their own or form a subunit. Or do something like T-Ara N4, where a half of them are promoting in country, while the other in another. But let’s get back to the point. Kevin gets majority of the song, while AJ gets a decent amount in the song. Eli, he gets the short hand of the stick. Also, the song is really bland and plain and there is not wow factor in the song. The rap and vocals are pretty good overall.

The music video is really boring. Just a bunch of close ups of the members and that is about it. Some dance scenes but really boring video to watch. The effects as well are pretty boring. Just wish to say, how cold it must be to film out there.

The dance is okay. Not bad, not good. Nothing to wow us here.

5/10. I was expecting something to make them big, but yeah. I guess they fail once again. Something sounds rather familiar.

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