Be Ambitious – Dal Shabet


Dal Shabet recently made their comeback with one of the catchiest songs for the year so far. Released on June the 20th, the song has been deemed as inappropriate for the public, however as a fan of the song, I have to disagree. The song was deemed as inappropriate by SBS to be broadcast, so they instead decided to promote the song using a different set of the lyrics on the broadcasting station only. However, am I the only person who did not see the lyrics and the music video as “inappropriate’? They are just lyrics, a bunch of words, that have a deeper meaning than what many of us would think. It is like taking “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” as a literal statement. End of rant. Review starts now!

How freaking amazing is this song. From the start to the end of this song, I was totally in love with this song. This by far, has to be the best song of the year so far. It has this positive feel to it. Everything from the instrumental was great to lyrics to the vocals and rapping. I am in love with the whole feel of the song. It grasped me as soon as I first listened to the song and was totally amazed. It has a cute sound to give off a sexy message, which is portrayed amazingly here. The part just before the chorus is the highlight of the song, and the chorus was one catchy chorus as well. The raps and vocals were superb. As for the lyrics, many people who say “SLUTS”, you must be kidding yourself. Don’t take the lyrics literal. From what I see from the song, I hear “If boys are not players every time they try to impress a girl, why can’t a girl impress a guy once in awhile?”. Just because the girls are saying “Look at my legs, they’re pretty, I wore a short skirt” does not mean they are that type of female. Try reading the lyrics that followed up after it “Look as if you’re interested”. These songs really do steal me heart. Sorry if I am the really cheesy guy. Overall the song was perfect, especially with the high notes at the end.

The music video was amazing as well. It was cute and colourful, just as you expected. It shows the range of roles a girl can be in to impress a guy that they have always wanted from the laundry to the movies to the art class to the dance revolution stage. The only complaint out the whole video si the army scenes. I am a bit confused there, and it actually may give the audience the wrong idea of the song and video. I love the plot twist as when the girls thought they failed at grabbing the guys attention, the guys show that the whole time they have been focussing on the girls. They were just “busy”.

As for the dance, I love it. The incorporation of the dresses and how stunning do the girls look? The dress was made to look like a dress and then bam, you could take it apart to look sexy, to show what is underneath. I also loved the ending. It was different how they ended the dance.

I have to say well though, the whole comeback was different. 9.5/10. Amazing song, dance and music video. Just don’t think dirty alright?

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