Destiny – Infinite

Infinite recently made one of the biggest comebacks of the month since March, with Destiny. Man In Love was released back in March, giving the guys an extra boost in popularity, earning them major awards in their promotion period. One of which was winning a whole week on all 4 music award programs at the time (MBC Show Champion, Mnet MCountDown, KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo). They also won the first award, in 2005, to be presented at MBC Music Core. Very big achievements. Let’s all hope this song will do well as well. Why I am saying that: Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Hyun Joong, Beast, 2NE1, F(x) will all be making (or have made) their respective comebacks in the past week or in the upcoming week.

Destiny is one of the best Infinite songs that I have ever heard of. Though some would agree, this song was much better than Man In Love and is also a return to that Infinite style that we all have been dying to hear from the band. Many say it does not have the Infinite style which we hear of when we hear songs like Paradise, Be Mine, The Chaser etc, however I think it does. Just me? Anyway, this song is really addictive. A song that background instrumental does not get in the way of the vocals in this song. It too has that classical feel that Infinite tend to go for when releasing songs. That little instrumental of the electro vibrating sound is really cool. I find the song has an even spread of the artist. Woohyun and Sunggyu are not dominating the vocals part the song, and it seems like the other members (especially L) has more lines. The song starts upbeat and really high but for the first time (I think) I heard a song slow down at the chorus. You think I would complain, but I really like it in this song. Dongwoo and Hoya’s rap were extra strong from what I hear. The song itself is much more stable than their other songs and am I the only one who is addicted to Woohyun’s “No Way” at the end? Cause damn, that was some good stuff.

The music video (version B) is really confusing. Hence, will I return to reviewing the music video when version A comes out? Maybe, since I gather from Version B music video is that the Infinite boys start having weird super powers or some kind of ability because we don’t see them using them, when they a) step outside or b) when they breathe. It seems like the whole thing is a play off of Hulk, like when they get angry and they go crazy about stuff. The music video that was released definitely is lacking in some parts. I personally cannot make a review with just an empty review of the music video. Also, some of their powers are lame. “I can turn my imaginary twin into dust” and “I can disappear into a pile of dust” is not that impressive. Oh, also, “I can drive” is not really a super power, Dongwoo. If it was, declare me a superhero. The music video is filmed in a proper American studio which lives up to the hype about it, because damn, that is some professional stuff that they are doing.

The dance has “some attitude in it”. Like woah. The dance is not as impressive as I had expected it to be, but that hands to the side and head bobbing dance looks really unfitting for the song. Overall, not great as a dance because there is nothing to comment about. Not great or that bad that would do terribly in the world.

So I guess I have to wait for the next music video. Let’s hope they are not like SMent, who released the music video after the promotions. So far though 7.5/10.


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