Hurricane – B.A.P


B.A.P recently released their second title song, Hurricane. Their first song, Coffee Shop, released earlier this month showed fans that there is more to that very serious image the boys have given themselves. Hurricane is exactly the same thing, where the band released a song with a brand new style. Also, B.A.P is also gearing up for a comeback next week (I think) with the release of all of the members teasers out. BadMan is the title of the new song, which fans have been waiting forever to see the band perform once again on the stage. It is said that the new album itself will contain songs of different genres in which we have not seen the boys done yet, as we can already see from the other pre-releases, the song is living up to its descriptions.

Gonna keep this review short for the day: LOOF. THE LOOF. THE LOOF IS ON FIYAH. Yeah, beside the Engrish in this song, I actually like the song. It is like a combination of hip hop and dubstep. I don’t like my dubstep that much unless it is pretty good dubstep. This song however is really good. Beside some minor adjustments to the song, the song can be much better than what we already can hear. To be honest, I am torn about whether keeping Himchan’s Engrish lines or not. They are pretty bad, but exceptionally funny at the same time. Woo! The whistles in this video are so annoying. Also, this will be the first time I be complaining about high notes in the song. Daehyun. sometimes you just need to go without screaming every five seconds in the song. Beside I was quite pleased with the song. Everyone (beside the excessive high notes) pretty good. the raps were really good as well. They fitted the tone and the speed of the song.

The music video is pretty good. Too many lights though. Like, they got distracting, but hey, it is Las Vegas. I am disappointed in the amount of “Loofs” that are not on fire, which is quite concerning. Not sure about the car with the stripper pole in the middle. Fanfics writers? I don’t know. Don’t ask. The dance scenes were pretty good, especially Zelo and Jongup, but hey they are pro dancers. Beside that, there is nothing else to say about the music video. I have to admit. Pretty boring on a whole, but still pretty good.

7.5/10. Most of it is just.. Wait.. Your loof is on fire.

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