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B.A.P recently made released their final title track of their latest mini album, BADMAN, with a song of the same title. Their previous two releases, Coffee Shop and Hurricane have been successful pre releases. It seems like the band is going back in time with another hip hop release, but this time a lot more “hard core”. It seems like Bang Yong Guk, the leader of the band, has been involved largely on the production of the band. The song was released on the 6th of August and I am running out of things to say. On with the review:

The song does have its hip-hop roots. The song itself talks about a “dark” personality person who has been imprisoned (so like a prisoner). Meanwhile, Bandg Yong Guk said that he wanted people to hear the “other side of the story” with criminals, rather than the media’s side of the story which may be corrupt. Not trying to hint at anything. Despite, that i like the whole idea of the message, but I am quite torn about the song. Well, not really. This is pretty good overall, but there were some parts that I an not that fond of. For example, that part where the band starts krumping with one arm. That instrumental part made the song really awkward. The vocals was okay this time around. I found that the vocals were lacking that genuine feel to the song. It seemed that vocalist of the groups were trying too hard or that rock feel of the song is not that great. I also felt that Zelo’s part was not as awesome as in One Shot or Warrior. But overall, I liked the song. It just lacked and did not feel right in some parts.

As for the music video, it was really cool. Not over really fond of the makeup as well but I think the music video was pretty well done. It is like a crossover of Brown Eyed Girl’s Sixth Sense and Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby, in terms of rebellion. That place where they dance seemed like a big abandoned theatre, it did fit the feel of the song but not the actual style of the video. For those scenes towards the end when car blows up, the extras in the music video have horrible acting skills. They ‘act” as if they were dying. I think my dog does a much better job than what half of these actors have done. They probably were like “Do we go down now? Now, right? Go with the flow? Hey, how was lunch?” or something. The policemen at the start we taunting the “rebellious” people to come at them? I don’t think that is how police do it, my friend. That poor teddy bear under the car, awww….. It is also weird how the others are fighting and the band just happens to stand there, with no one hitting them or shooting them. Like those are pretty cool henchmen you got there. I also think they did a few scenes in normal daily life, which probably did occur prior to this world war that broke out, which is pretty cool.

The dance was pretty cool. Krumping with one arm for a guy though is not the ideal dance move that I expected. There were not amazing choreography like their past releases. I do like the scarecrow dance during the chorus. That was pretty original. However, one complaint that I think would help the band, lose the makeup on the stage. You guys look scary as. Particularly Bang Yong Guk when he is in the mood.

Not the best B.A.P release to date, but not the worst. 7/10. Pretty good overall. My question is though: Which B.A.P song do you like? Coffee Shop, Hurricane or Badman? Comment below!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Badman – B.A.P

  1. I love coffee shop for chill BAP. Actually badman is the song that caught my attention when they perform at m net : jongup’salto, the krumps, zelo’s part, Daehyun high note. That perfection there.


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