No Love – MBLAQ


MBLAQ has changed into a more different style with their release of their repackaged album of Sexy Beat. One of the new songs released in this album, is the “promotional” track, No Love, which shows a more softer side to the band rather their more mature and sexy side, as seen in Smoky Girl. I personally don’t see MBLAQ promoting this song, which is a total let down, since they are busy with their overseas concert. A more softer side which makes fans from all over the world swoon over the band and all the new tracks included on the album are much more different in terms of the band’s past singles.

The song may sound quite cheesy, but I actually like it. There is quite a bit of autotune and is not as catchy as Smoky Girl, but still has its aspects that make it sound really cool. I love the vocals and raps in this song. I never have been that impressed overall with Mir, the band’s rapper, but listening to this, I find that his rapping suits the song. I love the piano instrumental to the song, which sounds really cool. I like how the song starts off quite slow and then slowly starts to build up when it gets to Lee Joon’s part at the start. That piano instrumental is really addictive. Overall, I like the song a lot, if you cannot tell. Best song by MBLAQ ever? Not that sure, but it does have to be up there quite a bit.

I don’t have much to say about the music video because it is just a bunch of clips that show the band preparing for a photo shoot and some footage of them “recording” the song. There is really nothing that I can talk about in this video because of that and really, I am not that fussed. The video fits the song quite well.

8/10. Based on the song only though. There was nothing to judge of the music video anyway,

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