Doom Dada – T.O.P (Big Bang)


Now it is T.O.P’s turn. T.O.P has finally returned with a brand new single after absence of like 3 years. It has been sometime since we last heard a song from the man and now we finally get our chance. Being extremely busy with movie roles that he has to pay, T.O.P has literally spiced the stage up with something weird. I am not complaining because I freaking love this song. Let’s just say, it is a tribute to song to his hardcore rapping and extreme creativity. The only live performance was at the MAMA’s last night, and really, he does not really dance that much. So I will be skipping that part all together in the review. But I will put the video of his performance and the Big Bang crew into the playlist for you all.

The song has that exotic feel to it. No one is this world will be able to argue with that. At first, I thought this song would not make it at all, because of the exotic feel. However, the second time listening to it, I figured it is not the instrumental of the song or T.O.P’s rapping style, but rather you have to listen to the whole song together as one to be able to grasp a full understanding of the song. And that understanding is: WEIRD! Like every aspect of this comeback is “not normal”. This song talks about the evolution of the human body. Well, more like the evolution of T.O.P and how he became “hot” and “sexy”. Hell, this song is so catchy and sounds so amazing. Like the “doom da da didi da” was hella catchy. You have got me officially singing this song all day long. The hardcore rapping is amazing. The only problem with the song is one main line: “Long Time No See”. Why? Because to me, the soloist is saying “Long time no shit”. T.O.P, is work that demanding for you? You have got no time to take a dump? Wow!

This music video is so quirky and different, it made me laugh so much. There is most probably a million ways someone can interpret this video. And here is my take on it right now. T.O.P, in ape form, discovers a microphone with his gang. Gang of apes. What? Fast forward a bit and you get T.O.P in his full glory. Then we get T.O.P and the little kid with the massive head. Seriously, I love that little kid. He is basically made the video turn from a boring video into such a funny video. That or T.O.P’s ridiculously motorbike riding style. I am sorry, but if I found out that T.O.P was my chauffeur, I probably take a taxi to my hotel in Korea. I have to say this video was hilarious and a video that I would probably go to when I feel down.

9/10. Excellent and funny. This also takes me to the end of the Big Bang reviews. Now I just need to wait for their single that should be released later this year. You have one month YG, one month.

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