Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day


I know, I know. This song is like 593456349650235609 years ago. But, I still am able to review it??? Let’s have a throwback moment. Girl’s Day is currently known for their mature and sexy style, but did you know that they came from the more cutesy stuff era of KPOP. This is the very song that put them on the map in the industry and gave them the needed recognition that they need. It was actually released in March 2011, which is about to be 3 years ago. Boy, times flies and everything changes. I feel like if I add anything else here, I probably just finish the review here. Hahaha….

I absolutely love this song. This song is really cute, really addictive and really catchy. It was not so when I first saw it, but after a while, it grew on me. This song is so amazing, it was the first song to reach the top of the charts and enter the top positions of the music weekly charts. On top of that, this song was a hit for men, particularly those in the army. So boys, I guess it is time to start listening to this track, cause your gonna like it as well. The “Hajima hajima mamamama mamamama Gajima gajima mamamama mamamama” part is really addictive and catchy. Seriously, you will love this song. Everyone who I have met and enjoys listening to KPOP, really enjoyed this song.

The music video is pretty cute. Not that funny, but I like the exaggeration of the music video. This girl is in love with this guy, who is hitting on other girls. Hence the girls uses tactics that she is practicing to shake the guy off the other girls and to get him to notice her. Yeah, I guess they failed, but instead it seems like all the girls and the guy are in on this together or something, because I really cannot find a way to explain that last scene where they are all standing around Minah. But anyway, I guess it used to funny but now since I have matured (LOL), I don’t mind it as funny as before. I don’t remember, but I am quite certain that it was this song and video that gave me a WTF face.

The dance is really cute as well. I think this is their weakest dance to date, as it really does not display their aegyo as I would have expected it would. There were some cliche moves which annoyed the crap out of me, but beside that, I was satisfied.

8/10. Pretty good song, video and dance that really was meant for winning. Sadly they did not, but now they have secured a bigger fanbase, maybe, just maybe it is time to see these girls rise to be one of the biggest bands ever.

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