Girls Girls Girls – GOT7


It is the first major debut of the year from one the big three companies. GOT7 is a 7 member boy group who has been in the spotlight this week for their debut. The group is under JYP Entertainment who we all know manages 2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, 15& and many other artists. And it seems like this boy group will be hugely successful because it comes from a company with such big names. Two members of the group debuted as a project group back in 2012, as JJ Project and featured members Jr. and JB. The other members include Mark, BamBam, Jackson, Youngjae and Yugyeom. Their name, GOT7, apparently, showcases their 7 nationalities, but I counted and I could only find 5 (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, English) , so…

Okay, this thing I want to get off my chest, Sohee, your amazing but that “Omma” throughout the song is really annoying. To the point it is the only think I don’t want to remember, but since the repetition of that one word was so great in this one song, it was the only thing I got out of there. This honestly, was a weak song to debut with. Though it has a bit of charm, it really does not sound like a song that should be promoted. I don’t know if they would do well with such a boring song. The same tone of the song is kept throughout and there was nothing in the song that appealed to as much as I wanted to. I enjoyed Bounce, which was JJ Project’s song, but this song was pretty boring. It really did not have me singing along with it. The vocals and rapping in this song is quite meh and not extraordinary. Though I think the guy who ad-lib in the song is probably a relative on Munjae (Junsu) from 2PM, cause they sound a like. Catchiest part of the song goes to “Girls, Girls, Girls, They Love Me”. But not an okay song for a debut.

The music video once again is meh. But there were some good parts in there which I enjoyed. And then there was those ridiculously part. I like how when the guys were dancing and they had to go away from the group to do something like show off to a girl who looks barely of age, the screen would cut in half. I liked that and thought that was rather original. It gives us two different sides, while we focus on the group, the same time, each person can have a solo. Hence, I also liked the teaser. I like the set that they were in. Even though it was rather dark, but the lighting was pretty good. Nothing too flashy. As for the rest of the video, yeah. What was with the car sounds at the start when they were on their motorized skateboards? A little bit too extreme? I am also not that great with accessories, but what did they drop again? It looked like some earring, but why would a guy carry around earrings around. If it was a bracelet though, it looked rather small. Also, girl. Try calling out before you going around trying to find out where the guys went. You have a mouth. No one in this day in age, would just walk into a shop, go and find the most expensive thing in the story and start feeling it. Well, I hope nobody does that. And the secret door made me laugh. Mainly because the club looked like an abandoned bar.

The dancing is pretty good. It seems like this group is going to rely heavily on their dancing. If the track was better, the group could have danced along to something much more captivating. I don’t think it was rather necessary to cope Sohee’s move, but seriously, doing it over and over again looked really stupid.

3/10. It was too weak for a debut. They are not going to be a group like Miss A who won a award with their debut song. Maybe next time the group can receive a decent song with would showcase their skills and have nothing that is boring.

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