Hug Me Once – Girl’s Day


All throughout this week will be me releasing reviews for past songs. It is great to look back on the past and see how everything changed. Oh look at that, Girl’s Day is the first group up with their song Hug Me Once. Wow, did you catch the review just a few weeks ago for their latest release? Something? Well, may I shock you that this is the same band? Hahahaha… It is the same band and they went from cute to a sexy style (which they were still criticised for. They can’t be cute or sexy, so what should they go for then? Serious?)That and they also lost a member who left the group at the end of 2012. But while turning over a new leaf the girls have proven to be a success, picking up 3 awards for their latest release, boosting their ranking up high.

This song is really catchy. So freaking catchy that I keep on singing along to it everytime it is released and it has been freaking 3 years since this song was released. It is so cute as well. The chorus is really catchy and the vocals are amazing. Not sure about the degree of autotune in this song, but it still sounds amazing. I am sorry, if my inner fanboy is coming out. The song itself is really catchy and cute, I just feel like dying. I don’t I ever took Girl’s Day too seriously with their releases prior to Don’t Forget Me. Maybe because I first heard the band through Oh My God! which was a terrible song.

The music video was really pretty cool. I loved the first perspective. I also enjoyed watching the interactive video, which I will link the playlist below. It is a bit cheesy, but hey, I like my things interactive. Like this keyboard, so high definition. You all should check it out if you ever find it. The actual music video are just cuts that you can see, and it looked rather cool, back when the group and its company did not have enough money to actually film a better music video. But it looked fresh. However the dance scenes to me did not fit well with the couple scenes. That is just my preference. But I still liked the video and will not complain at all.

This dance is so freaking cute and so easy to do. Even a guy can dance well to this song. Seriously, these girls, why did you guys not win anything back in the day???

8/10. Pretty cool comeback. It would be amazing to see if the band can go backwards in time and redo something cute. Please Don’t Go was not as successful. If they are a band who can go between sexy and cute, they they will be superstars!!! Tomorrow’s review will be: Sistar’s So Cool!!!Please anticipate.


4 thoughts on “Hug Me Once – Girl’s Day

  1. I’m not mad, I thought about doing it this week, and then Rainbow Blaxx came out and it got me so mad!! I got mad at the producers for doing this concept and I got mad at the girls who wanted to do it…I’m going to be doing modern classics (that’s what I call my old K-Pop songs) for the rest of the week. You should follow me on Twitter lol its @KrysDannielle jic


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