Love Actually – Sunny Hill ft. Daybreak


Sunny Hill last year collaborated with the band Daybreak to deliver a beautiful love song that had everyone talking. It has been a while since Sunny Hill has released a single, and today actually marks the release of a new single from the band, which I should get to reviewing next week. I won’t discuss too much about the new single, just it sounds amazing and I am sadden to hear the departure of the male counterpart of the group, Janghyun who decided to become a producer for the girls. Such sad news as he was pretty amazing person after all, and brought Sunny Hill a lot of cool and different songs, such as Midnight Circus, The Grasshopper Song and their newest single: Don’t Say Anything.

This song is lovey dovey for me. To the point where I am actually liking it. The vocals of the girls and the guy actually matches up and sounds a like. It seems like these two groups are a match made in Heaven. The song talks about the ideal types of the girls. The song is a song that you should check out. It is a ballad, but the way it sounds make it sound a lot like a happy jumpy kind of song. The chorus is really catchy and sounds amazing. There was a rap in here by Misung and that probably was not a great idea overall, mainly because rapping in a ballad really does not sound as great. On top of that, the girls sung their hit song Pit-A-Pat which was a hit OST song for a Korean drama back in 2011. I like how they managed to slide it in there, but it sounded so different I did not realize after I did some digging into the song last year.

The music video is somewhat satirical. I mean the girls list their ideal types and they include: a guy with a hairy chest, a guy who figure is like a rose and a guy who has so much muscles, that his pants rip by doing nothing. Yeah, pretty much weird. I love it how the girls act all seduced by him and turned on because that is something all guys enjoy seeing. Hahaha… That was pretty rude. Sorry. Anyway, I too like how the band go squeezed by appearing on a tablet randomly. And then the male lead in the music video turns to another girl hahaha… And then Kwanghee turns up and becomes the new ideal type of the girls. Wait what??? Kwanghee? Z:EA? Ummmm.. Honestly a poor choice….. Did I just insult two things at once? OMO! I am sorry ^^.

My use of emoticons on this site is scaring me. Anyway, there is only one live performance of this song and it was shortened!!! WHY????? But there was nothing that special with the live performance. Just then singing and performing.

9/10. A song I encourage you to check out. I tend to like pretty cheesy stuff though, so yeah. K Dramas are considered as extra cheesy. Like you can see cheese oozing out of the drama. As you can see, I am going to run away. I will be back with reviews of the latest songs tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Love Actually – Sunny Hill ft. Daybreak

  1. whoo…I just finished reviewing Brown Eyed Girls’ Sixth Sense and did you check out Sunny Hill’s new single? Its actually wholesome and I didn’t have to get on my soapbox lol


    1. I just read your Brown Eyed Girls’ review and it looks really good!!! Hahahah… Gain’s newest video teaser has me jumping around. I did hear Sunny Hill’s new single, but I am torn about Janghyun leaving the group to become a producer. But it is still an amazing song.


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