Don’t Say Anything – Sunny Hill


As mentioned in a review a few days ago, Sunny Hill has finally returned to the stage with a brand new ballad. Though fans may be excited to hear that their band will be coming back with the male member, Janghyun, it seems like the excitement is dying off quite quickly, after the true meaning of the song was released. Janghyun, who was just a few months ago, released from military enlistment, had decided to step down as a member of the coed-group and become the producer for the band. He will not be showing his face anymore on stage, but will be working extra hard behind the scenes to provide new songs for fans to hear. As a fan, I am quite sad about the news. Sunny Hill has always been one of my most favourite groups, mainly because they are one of the few coed groups in Korea. But either way, good luck to Janghyun for future purposes and lets hope songs like the groups successful singles will continue to churn out!!!

The song sounds amazing. There is a slow start to the song, but I really enjoy how it starts to build up to the chorus. The chorus itself is much different from the song itself. The song is quite mute and quiet, while the chorus is loud and stands out from the rest of the song. Not only that, but the chorus is quite catchy and those parts after the chorus are catchy as well. There are a few flaws in the song however. Misung’s rap is out-of-place. It actually does not fit with the rest of the song at all. It sounds awkward. As you can tell, I am not a fan of rapping in a ballad, mainly because rapping tends to be fast and a ballad is usually a slow type of song. Not only am I unimpressed with that, but Janghyun. I thought he would have sung at least something in this song, since it is a goodbye song for him. But, instead he literally just speaks two sentences in English. Ummm… Honestly, I am sure he could have squeezed in a line or two for himself or close off the song himself. Hopefully we get to see him on stage though.

Damn this review is long. This is what you get for giving me a pen, paper and free time. I make notes on music videos. Scary right??? Anyway, the music video is quite beautiful. I like the setting of it. Quite bright. I also love the video. When you look into the lyrics of the song, it seems like the person wants to get rid of those good memories to be able to “move on”. In the music video, she brings their memories in the form of balloons. The white ones are useless to her, but the coloured one are her memories of her love. You see scenes where the girls grab these balloons and throw then out, in a way, getting rid of them. That is my way of seeing the music video, the white background makes it look like a flashback or memory as well. Not sure about the black background and Janghyun, cause it looked like they had a blackout during the filming. But I like the music video, so I am not going to complain.

What a long review. I would give it 10/10, but sadly, I am only going to give it a 9/10. It is a such a pity to see Janghyun go like this, mainly because he places an important role in the “coed” band. Hopefully, we will get to listen to more of his creations and he will remain forever faithfully, with the band he debuted with in 2006.

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