You Don’t Love Me – Spica


Spica recently returned with their new single, You Don’t Love Me. This single is produced and written by their senior label mate and famous soloist, Lee Hyori who we all must know. This has to be one of the most underrated bands of all time. All their past singles have been amazing, but they have hardly been successful. It is quite disappointing. From what we are able to see here, is the retro concept. Now, if you think back a few years: Secret, T-Ara, Wonder Girls etc. all attempted the retro concept and they were deemed as mega hits. Now, it has been quite a while since those comebacks, so I am not sure if it can hold on as much as t did those few years ago, but if Korean still digs the same things, this song and comeback will be really a hit as well.

The song starts off with that really high and long note, which to me, was not really a great start to the song. I am not disappointed, but I don’t think it was a good thing to put that part at the start of the song. I liked the instrumental of the song and thought it was really good. It took me a few listens to get into the song, which is quite disappointing, considering that Spica got me into their other songs straight away. I found the rapping was not as great in this song and it really did not suit this song. But the chorus of the song is quite catchy and sounds pretty cool. The song itself talks about how the girl decide that the guy no longer loves them. Honestly, this song could have been better in my opinion. It is not as great as Tonight, but it still pretty good.

The music video was pretty good. Though, I was not much of a fan of the really old outfits and stuff that you would have expected to be trendy like is the 70s or 80s. However, the best part of the whole video was definitely one of the outfits and I think was the most amazing part. That ass!!! Yeah, really, beside that, there is not much about this music video to talk about. It is quite monotone and boring to watch and the only thing that was great were the asses. Yes, it is quite sad isn’t?

The dance is pretty cool. Again, not really to a high standard, but still pretty good. I notice that only two girls are given the spotlight in Spica and they are Bohyung and Boa. The other girls are really pushed to the side. I don’t why, but everytime I watch their performances, Ladies Code’s Pretty Pretty just appears in my mind. Maybe because of the retro feel of it and the dresses? Or is it just me?

5/10. Not that I am that disappointed with the comeback, I just feel too nice to give them a really good score for this song. Like most of the songs, I listed above with the retro concept, I actually had a hard time getting into them, so I guess this goes the same way.

Around over a week ago, I asked “Which sexy concept from January did you like the most?” Guess who won? Rainbow BLAXX’s Cha Cha. That caught me off by surprise. Girl’s Day, AOA, No comeback and Dal Shabet followed in the exact order.

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