Yasisi – NS Yoon G

Source: http://okpopgirls.rebzombie.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/NS-Yoon-G-Yasisi-Black-teaser-6.jpg

It is my first NS Yoon G song that I will be reviewing. I actually wanted to review her the previous time, however I forgot the song that I wanted to review. Silly me. But now she is back with a very powerful song that has many talking. I personally love this song (a little spoiler to the review). And I was planning to write this review yesterday and post it up yesterday, but per usual, that did not go to plan. But here I am and it is going to get done before I start any other homework. (It is also a long weekend, if you are wondering why I am posting this early on a Friday morning). Lest We Forget.

This song is literally amazing. I have to say that. I don’t think any song tops this song at this very moment. The whole song, to me, sounds like perfection and I have been listening to it non stop for the past few weeks, ever since it came out. I really love the 90’s feel of the song (I think I got the era right) with the instrumental. I guess it reminds me a bit of Britney Spears, way back in the day. I hope I am getting all of these past reference right. The chorus is really catchy, “Touch me, Touch me like that. You make me feel like that” really stuck in my mind.  In top of that, the saxophone appeal that the song has a really powerful impact, giving the song a very sexy feel to it. On top of that, this song brings out the vocals that she had. The “break down” part is also pretty catchy. I have no complaints with this song whatsoever. Amazing!

There is one thing that I want to complain about in this video however. That leotard thing that is from the 90’s have to go. Yes it is sexy, but camel toes are so old. And the flower patterning on that one is quite an eyesore in my point of view. And especially how in the recent years where artists had tried to revive the clothing, but ended up failing. . Well beside one, and that was pretty bad when you look at it. I think she in the music video is trying to get the dude, who is like her bodyguard or assistant to like her using the sexy tactic. But I have to be honest, she probably got me to fall for her instead, cause she looked fine in that swimming outfit. And beside that, there really is nothing much to say about the music video at all.

This dance is really sexy. And she looked awesome when she dances this song. At least she is nor wearing the stuff she wore in the music video. And it seems she changed the choreography for the stage, mainly because everyone in Korea is like NOOOO to the sexy concept, but hey, it still works in the end.

9.5/10. Pretty close to a perfect song, however the leotard that she wears kind of looks bad.

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