8Dayz – Megan Lee

Another famous YouTuber has finally made her debut onto the stage. Mega stars such as Ailee, Eric Nam who have received successful love from the people of Korea have all been scouted from YouTube. Now it is Megan Lee’s turn. From singing amazing covers to now, Megan has finally made her official debut onto the stage. Though she was quite nervous on her first stage, she has managed to pull it off successfully. As well, she has feutring in her song and music videos, the rapper of Beast, Yong Junhyung, who recently have been appearing a a lot of other songs. However, enough with the introduction, excited about the review and the song itself.

I have to say, this is an amazing song. There is no doubt in that. From beginning to end, I completely love this song. I have no complaints at all. I have been listening to this song non stop. Megan’s voice in this song sounds really cute and to me, suits this style of song very well. The song itself is extremely catchy and manages to do well. Her singing is superb (check out her English version of the song). The instrumental gives off that amazing fresh summer vibe that this song is trying to get at, making it fun and light hearted. I really love it how the English has been mashed up a lot with the Korean in the song to make it sound something that is quite different. Sometimes, songs do have quite a bit going on, but it really does not make sense. However here, everything is amazing and it all makes sense. Junhyung’s rap in the Korean version also matches the song and does not clash with the overall feel of the song. So in the end, this song is amazing, stunning and really really catchy.

The music video is really nice. As the song has that fresh summer “new start” vibe to it, the music video reflects that. I also really like the transition between various scenes. For example, when she is singing about piano, she comes around and starts playing on a piano (well keyboard to be exact, but hey, still they are quite similar). The bed scene for the introduction was something quite new and different for once. Not entirely sure about the horse heads and stuff, but I guess they add that more fun side to the video and song. I like her solo shots where she is just strumming on her guitar singing. Though here is that complaint I have, I found the blurring along the sides of the video and at different parts kind of distracting as well. But hey, I guess the rest of the video makes it up. Also, Junhyung’s scene introduced the night time, was a little too dark and lighting could have been a little more better there. Also did you see a little featuring of the Fiction dance by Beast!!! It actually fitted into the video and song.

To me, the dance was so so. Not entirely the best dance out of all the dances. It still maintains the fun that is contained in the song, just not entirely sure if she should be swinging her guitar around back and forth to dancing to just singing. Kind of seems like she is rushing from one thing to another, giving it that really off feeling. But still overall, pretty good.

I find this debut amazing. Though there was some let downs, I think Megan Lee still did an amazing job considering she entered the industry with little fan base and had finally got people cheering for her when she performs. 9/10

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