1 Minute 1 Second – Jiyeon (T-Ara)

T-Ara is back with only one member. I only kid. Jiyeon from T-Ara has officially made her solo debut with 1 Minute 1 Second. Now is it a great thing that she came back alone, I don’t know, but she has been proven to still show the support that T-Ara still gets. And also, this is the first of the many reviews that will be coming out after today. Today, I just finished my final piece of assessment for the term and tomorrow night I start my term break! Woo! However, I am still a little busy during these holidays but will try to manage to put reviews up for you guys. Hahahaha… Anyway, not only Jiyeon is going solo but also Hyomin, who has not yet released her song yet, but will be doing so very soon early next month, I believe. Saw the teaser a few moments ago, and I am not entirely sure yet.

This song is pretty awesome. A little complaints here and there, but it has to be a pretty cool song to listen to. The song itself is pretty catchy to listen to. The “Never Ever” part is pretty good. He voice is quite husky for the song which fits the “sexy” concept that this song has. But was it a chart topper in my mind? I don’t think so. It did lack that passion or that “impact” which I tend to talk about. The song started off well but it was very repetitive and kind of felt boring towards the end after listening to it a few times. There just was nothing “loud” about this song. It did not change around that much or even slightly. It just basically sounded monotone all the way through. But still a pretty good song. The chorus was pretty cool, but I think I only think it is cool because, well, when I listen to the song, I tend to pair with the dance and the dance for this was awesome. But honestly, still think it was a cool song, just it could have been enhanced a little bit to make it sound better.

The music video is quite confusing. I assume Jiyeon is a patient in a metal hospital. However because of her love, she believes she lives in a house with no rooms. Everyday she would wake up and do the same thing. She cuts up a few vegetables, she waters her plant and then she sits down and knits. That is all. Nothing amazing about your life girl. So the girl each time wakes up notices something ifs off and I think everything that does become off, it reminds her of her past. That is basically what I think the video is about. Not sure about the rain indoors though, nor do I think the dance scenes are relevant in any way. The music video plot line was pretty bright but then the dance scenes were so freaking dark and it really ruined the feel of the story and actually made the music video quite distracting.

The dance was mighty cool. I have to be honest, when they said that they were creating a song and concept that mirrored Park Ji Yoon’s Adult Ceremony, they were not kidding. This reminds me of that a lot. Maybe I just read it too many times, but the dance did have the same feel. I love the dance with the wall and the chorus as well. The jacket dance was awesome.

7.5/10. I like the song and the dance, but not entirely sure about the music video. The comeback is pretty cool as well. However, as you may have noticed recently that other female soloists have made their comeback in the pop genre. So who was your favourite? G.Na? Jung Hyosung? Or Jiyeon? Or you did not like any? Answer below!!!!

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