Ain’t Nobody – HA:TFELT (Yenny – (Wonder Girls))

Wonder Girl’s is finally back  in the form of one member. OMG. Only joking. Yenny has returned as a solo artist under the stage name HA:TFELT, but for simplicity and efficiency reasons (and avoid using the colon), I will be referring to her as Yenny. This is the like the first major production that involves Wonder Girls, since leader Sunye got married and gave birth to her child. Since that time, former member Sunmi made her debut with 24 Hours and returned with Full Moon. Some time later, member Sohee announced that her contract with JYP ended and that she would be perusing acting, just under a different company, which resulted in the departure of Sohee from the band. Despite the future looking quite bleak from anyone’s eyes, Yenny has returned to give some hope to her fans.

This song is spot on. I don’t think anything can be compared to this song. I think it has to be one of the best songs to date for the year. It basically takes a ballad, but it mashes it up with a dubstep drop. It is a pretty interesting concept and it may sound awful, but this is one type of the song that works out. I don’t think there are any flaws at all. I also think for this song “drop the beat” is an appropriate way to describe the song. ‘The song “drops the beat'” – I quote myself. The start is slow and ballad like. But then when you get to the chorus you gets this huge punch in the face with the change in instrumental. Then it slows down and goes back becoming a cycling. I particularly like the lyrics. Though for a group that speaks fluent English, sometimes the pronunciation gets to me a little bit.

The music video is pretty cool.  I really like the symbolism at the start. I think the butterfly at the start symbolised her boyfriend. When she careless broke the jar, letting the butterfly go, it kind of tells us that she was on one part careless and that a part of this problem is her fault. The images of the people that she walked past down the street was quite similar to a trip down memory lane. The nights waiting alone and the nights where they fight are all in this “trip down memory lane”. Though I don’t see the reason why someone that sad would start dancing on the street when she was just seconds from being run over. I think for the music video, when the song breaks into the second chorus the phone really needed to be shown cracked or something. It would fit the hype of the song, to be honest. The ending was pretty creepy. She stops before her ex boyfriend’s room, to which the doors open and the music video cuts out. Only moment before did she struggle getting up the stairs of the apartment. Hahaha…

The dance is where I want to focus on. Did any of you guys notice, particularly for KBS’s Music Bank stage, the set was distinctively (well exactly) the same as Sia’s Chandelier for her live stages? The bed, the table. It just looks the same to me. The only difference was the star of the dance. I like the normal stages where she just stands up on stage by herself. Much better. Though I for the time being, don’t use playlists any more, I shall link each of the videos down below for you guys.

Beside the dance, I would have given the whole comeback a 10/10. Though for the time being, I think I shall dock two rating points off for the dance. You will see why. 8/10

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