Empty – WINNER

YG’s newest group has finally made their debut after making fans wait so freaking long. WINNER was a band that was formed on the reality TV show, W.I.N (Who Is Next?). The group consists of Kang Seung Yoon, who assumed the position of the leader and vocals. Members Jinwoo and Taehyun also are the vocalists in the band, which leaves Seung-Hoon and Mino to be the rappers of the band. Kang Seung Yoon is also a solo artist, making his debut under YG back in 2012 and is now a apart of the band. WINNER was also known as Team A. Team B, the group that did not win the W.I.N (which was a pity, because I really liked Climax), is still under YG and have been said to be gearing up for their debut. So that is a little background information of the band. It just has been so freaking long since we actually got something back from the band. But hey, at least they are here now…

And they are killing the charts with their new songs. Perfect all-kill as soon as it was released, the band has the potential to become one of the biggest “monster rookies” (ie. rookie bands who just debuted but managed to take first place on the weekly music shows). This song however to me really is not that great. I know, I probably gonna end up dead tonight, just I don’t really feel the song. The chorus is pretty good, but it lacked that “long-lasting impression” that rookies are meant to give out when they debut or gradually get popular. I am gonna say this, but the song sounds monotone. It really does not have that much impact to it. And let me tell you, some slow songs have left a big impact on you. It felt awkward when I listened to it, listening to  a bunch of guys sing a note higher than what their voices are actually are. Couldn’t they make use of their husky voices. However, I also feel that the guys have managed to pull the song together quite well and still managed to show off what they are known for (or what they will be known for, cause really, they only just debut and still have plenty of time to change around their image). The song also a pretty deep message, as the guys sing about how they yearn for their girl, just everyday is a reminder that they cannot be together.

The music video opens with the girl hanging up on the dude. The dude than starts singing (sorry, don’t know names). And then rest of the video is just about the guys sitting around and doing nothing, because they have nothing to do as they miss everything about the girl. I just love how they find anywhere to sit. I see the stairs and the train station, but the laundromat. I don’t see how anyone would want to sit there.
“Oh just doing my washing… Damn I miss her” -starts being depressed next to the washing machine-. “You are the only one for me, washing machine”. Well that escalated quickly. Me, forever making the next plot line in the next KPOP music video. I find it really odd how the whole music video just finishes off with all of them in the same room. But hey, not one to judge. (?) LOL. I like the darkness and “greyness” of the video. It really does sum up the song quite well.

As for the performance, I like shorts. And I also like Summer. Just this song feels so out-of-place with them wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. I think I am only complaining about the shorts, because that dude standing (sorry, don’t know names yet) with the shorts on, why are your shorts so short???? I also don’t like their hair. It looks really geeky on them. But I really like the stairs. The stairs were a great addition in my point of view.

Though this is just the debut, and seeing how well they are charting and also seeing that they have a pretty big fan base which could rival some of the biggest bands, I think these guys have a lot of potential. Just this to me is really not the right song for a debut. 6/10. Come back on Friday, where I review their second music video, Colour Ring.

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