Danger – Taemin (SHINee)

SHINee is also back in the form of one solo member. Member Taemin has officially made his unexpected solo debut onto the stage, with a new song. The youngest member (maknae) and also lead dance and vocalist of the band has been well-known for his dancing and cute (and pretty) image. However, his solo debut has taken the singer for a change, giving him a more masculine image, while at the same time stripping the member of his cute old days. That being said, finally KPOP is realizing that sometimes feminine males are not technically the best way to see their products anymore.

This song is downright catchy. However, I am completely bias here, and have started to boycott the songs that SM entertainment releases. Why? Mainly because I am kind of anti-SM. Think about it. Red Velvet, Taemin, Super Junior and Taetiseo are all planning their comeback for this month and also the next month. Kind of pressured don’t you think? But I have to agree with fans, this song is pretty good. It reminds me of a song that Justin Timberlake would have released. However, it also has the KPOP feel to it as well, making it a pretty unique.  The “bum bum bum bum” part is really catchy and sounds amazing. The chorus is also pretty catchy, however is not as catchy as the “bum bum bum” part. This song is award worthy and probably a song that SM needed a long time ago. His vocals sound great and the little autotune in the song does no overdo it. Cool song.

Before I starting looking at the music video, there is just one thing that I am very angry about. It looks disgusting and I don’t know if it is in fashion, but where I live, it looks like crap. That nose piercing is not cool. That thing looks revolting and basically why I avoided watching the video the best I can. As for the music video, I think they took the same car park area from another music video (the actual videos name escapes my mind). And the need for Taemin to wear something that shows his nipples or just wear no shirt at all is kind of disturbing. Wait, do I hear Taeyang ready to bring the shirtless war back to the next Big Bang comeback???? But overall it was a pretty mediocre music video to actually watch. Nothing really that great. Well, there are the thousand costume changes that his has and now, I think he is the first KPOP artist to actually change his hairstyle more than five times (including the hair colour).

As for the dance, Taemin has to be one of the best dancers of KPOP. And this dance really does not sell that image of him. It seems like an average dance by any artist.

8/10. It is a pretty average solo debut. Some good points and some points that disadvantage him. But maybe Shawols shall come together and fight back and give Taemin a win???

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