Little Apple – TARA

The latest song craze that caught in China has finally departed for Korea. Now, enlisting the help of Tara (or maybe the other way around), Chopstick Brothers entered the KPOP industry with the Korean version of their 2014 hit song – Little Apple.

To decide whether I like the Chinese version more or the Korean version more will be a little hard for me to decide here. I usually like the song in the language it was released in first, however for this particular song, I think the Korean version overtakes the Chinese version a little more. I find that the girls have a nice ring to it, but I just love how these made sure to include the voices of the original artists to make it sound authentic. The song is really fun to listen to and is pretty catchy. Considering since it is Winter, and most of the songs are about love and sadness, this song really changes it up and stands out in the crowd. Overall, I love this song for its catchy and addictive nature, its light-hearted feeling and also its quirkiness.

This music video should have cracked me up, but I was disappointed. Though it was kind of funny, I honestly thought it would be better. I guess the old tick of ketchup blood was utilised a little too much, but it was funny for the old ajummas to also fall victim to the trick as well. The jumpsuits (even though the comments keep on repeating Crayon Pop) reminds me of the Kill Bill jumpsuits that used to be worn (mainly because of the colour), but it looks weird overall. I just love the stalking fan though that appeared at the start and made appearances all throughout the video. She was like the only funny character. Overall, an okay video which could have been funnier to compliment the style of the song.

The dance (for a quirky song) was freaking amazing. Especially, the bridge/dance break part was freaking amazing. They also utilised the original dance for this, which makes sense and makes it epic.

Now, onto my little dilemma, but where is Boram and Soyeon? Beside that mystery, I liked this really short comeback. It was fun and quirky. Though it could have been more fun and quirky, it really did the job pretty well. 8.8/10


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