Hug Me – Crush ft. Gaeko (Dynamic Duo)

One of my most favourite solo debuts of the year. Crush is a RnB artist that (and I believe) to have mix in some hip hop influence. He debut back on the 1st of April with Sometimes. He however went on to release Sofa towards the end of the year and the currently being reviewed song, Hug Me. Another stand out is that he is a very famous yet unknown featuring artists, who has worked with singers and rappers like Gary, Zion.T and Supreme Team. Essentially, he has a pretty good resume.

This song sounds so freaking good. I could not stop listening to it. At first, I thought it was a really generic song, however it started to grow on me and I saw a lot of potential in this song. On top of that, Crush’s voice in this song is also pretty good. The instrumental to this song was really good. I particularly love the part of the instrumental just before the “Hug Hug Hug Me” part.  Never honestly was a fan of Dynamic Duo. And I really don’t like his featuring in this song. It fits in, just it sounded really boring and lacked the bumping beat sound that I like about hip hop/rap artists and really lacked the overall feeling of the song. Overall, I liked this song.

Music video is really generic. Actually, nowadays I find music videos really boring to watch. There really is nothing to comment about the video. It was niether great or crap. It did it’s job, just I honestly have no feelings towards it. Hahaha… But seriously, I have nothing to say about the video.

The dance was pretty cool. I actually found this dance pretty “sexual”. Maybe it is his face. His face pulls some of the most manliest faces. And considering he is still singing without any faults while dancing to this song is pretty good.

I hope I introduced a new artist to you guys with you guys have no or little idea who he is. Consider that as my job done. Hehehehe… 7.1/10

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