The Winter’s Tale – BTOB

BTOB recently made an unexpected and sudden return to the stage to promote their special winter mini album. Though it was released at the end of 2014 (where 2014 was only a few days ago) in regards to the Christmas season, the song is still being promoted and has taken the boys to whole new levels debuting on charts at higher positions then they ever had done before. That being said, this (if you have not noticed) is the first review for 2015. Welcome to the new year guys!!!

This song is pretty pleasant to listen to. It is has soothing piano sounds and really fit in with the whole season of Christmas. That being said, it had a warming feeling to it. However, there were a few complaints with the song. The intro by Peniel, to me, was unneeded. I thought it really did not fit the actual song and at the same time sounded awkward and distant from the overall song. The rapping should have been kept to a minimum. I know that Minhyuk can sing, so I would rather have seen the rap shortened and have Ilhoon do it. Then we would get to see Minhyuk sing for a bit. But there were some good points in the song. The song’s chorus is pretty nice sounding and I loved the instrumental. Overall, an amazing song, just with some parts disappointing me.

The music video was a little boring to watch. To sum the video up in a few words, (for me) it is just a bunch of guys acting cute around a girl. Though the music video did make me smile, I don’t really know what to say about the music video. Part of me like it for its fun and light-hearted portrayal while the other half of me feels like yawning. Though there is one thing I can say: I hate music video that are just that small band in the middle. Those white space on the top and bottom to me is a waste of space. Though yes, it is made to look like a movie, it just looks cheap to me and unappealing.

There was one thing I disliked as well but I thought it would belong to the performance section. Them character onesies that they where in the video and on stage look absolutely awful. Not how the guys look in them, but rather how it bands the song with the music video and dance. I actually prefer the normal jackets that they are wearing. Though I think the onesies are cute, the onesies really look awkward on stage. Dance was pretty good as well.

Song was very Christmas-y. Music video and costumes could have been worked on a little more, but overall, this was a pretty good comeback knowing that they, only a month ago, was still promoting their single You’re So Fly. 6.4/10

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