Dangerous – Tey (Mr.Mr)

Sigh… Here we go again. Tey is a newly debuted solo artists from the band Mr.Mr. Tey, also known as Han Ji Hyun, is the main vocalist of the band. He is the first member to go solo from the band. Now, where on earth have these boys been? They have been missing from the stage for ages. I have always liked their songs, though I never got around the reviewing them much as there was never enough time. To not see them on stage with their really catchy songs really disappoint me. Let’s hope their company is going to break them back soon!

To get off my chest, this song does not sound like Taemin’s Danger song. This has it own uniqueness and colour to it. This song sounds simple and quite attractive to my ears. It has that funky retro sound to it like what would have originated from the 90s. Actually this song has the sound and style of like Michael Jackson. Well, after doing a bit of research, this song has the same title as the exact song I was thinking of. And it kind of sounds similar. Well, only the use of the screams (which annoys the crap out of me every time I listen to this song). This song has a more modern feel, particularly the dance instrumental part of the song. He has pretty cool and also smooth vocals (well, he is the main vocalists after all).

Abs everywhere. Eye candy much? I have to be honest, he is quite handsome and quite fit-looking. Just the eye-liner. So thick. It is like that option you have on Microsoft word with the weight of the lines you can do in documents. Yeah, I guess with the Triangle, we can kind of say that there are some similarities to Taemin’s video. But beside that, I really liked that dancing room with the triangle. The laser lights were pretty good. As for that room with mirrors and flashing lights, thank you for giving me a headache. Not the best combination on a hot day, like how it has been in the last few days where I live. Not sure about the foggy room though. We really could not see much and I don’t get why that room with the fog/smoke was even used. But overall, there was this really nice simple feel with the video. Nothing to grand but at the same time, nothing looked too cheap.

The dance is not that impressive. There really is no cool move that makes me want to go back and watch the dance continuously. So yeah.

Overall, a pretty good debut for a person from a not-so-well-known band. And those rumours should be put at rest. Cause there were only similarities, not pure “copying and pasting”. 6/10

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